Is Airtel 199 recharge available?

Is Airtel 199 recharge available?

The new Rs 199 plan is applicable at present only for users with telecom connections in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka. The plan comes with a validity of 24 days and it also offers 100 SMS per day. Along with the recharge, Airtel users will be able to access.

What is Airtel 249?

The Rs 249 prepaid Airtel plan comes with 1.5GB of daily data and with the addition of free 500MB data, customers will get a total of 2GB data per day. The additional data offer is only valid on this plan and one can avail the same via the company’s Airtel Thanks app.

What is the 129 plan of Airtel?

Bharti Airtel offers users a Rs 129 unlimited data prepaid plan. With the Rs 129 plan, the telco offers 24 days of service validity along with 1GB of data, unlimited voice calling, and 300 SMS.

What is the existing plan?

Existing Plan means the 2005 Stock and Incentive Plan as approved by the stockholders of the Company on April 26, 2005, as amended by the Board on January. without daily data capping and can be bought during any time of the month when the existing plan runs out, the telco said in a statement.

What is the difference between Airtel 199 and 249?

Vi Rs 199 prepaid plan: The plan gives 1GB data per day with unlimited calls and 100 SMS. The plan also gives access to Vi movies and TV basic accounts. Airtel Rs 249 prepaid plan: The prepaid plan offers 1.5GB data per day with truly unlimited calls and 28 days validity with 100SMS per day.

How many Airtel recharge plans are there in Chennai?

Here’s a list of Airtel Recharge Plans Chennai with price ranging from Rs. 8 to Rs. 10000. We have found 354 plans across 19 pack types. Summarizing the results:

How to choose the right Airtel prepaid plan for You?

When you carry out the phone recharge online, you can be sure that you will be able to find the right plan for your needs. Browse through the Truly Unlimited plans, Smart Recharge plans, Data, Talktime, and International Roaming plans to customize your Airtel Prepaid experience easily.

What are the benefits of Airtel recharge1?

On every recharge, you will get unlimited Cash Rewards and Cashback while using Recharge1. This Airtel mobile service is available for all times, whether day or night; you can always avail of existing offers and benefit from Recharge1. 1. 100% Cash Rewards/Cashback returns rewards on every recharge. 2. No extra charges on Airtel Recharge. 3.

How can I get unlimited calling in Airtel?

Standard Charges would apply. Now choose from a range of best-selling Airtel prepaid recharge packs which provide you unlimited calling, 4G internet, full talk time, roaming and SMS etc. Check out the best Airtel Prepaid recharge offer on Airtel Website.