Is a Springfield XDS ambidextrous?

Is a Springfield XDS ambidextrous?

The ambidextrous mag release keeps both right and left handed shooters in mind, while the drop-proof grip safety makes safety a priority. The XD-S Mod.

Is the Springfield XDS discontinued?

Discontinued: XD-S Mod.

Is XD-S a good gun?

While not a true pocket pistol, the Springfield XD-S is a perfect compromise, in both size and firepower, between diminutive pocket guns and much heftier compacts. This is a true daily carry pistol that still has plenty of firepower if it were ever needed.

Is Springfield XDS 9MM ambidextrous?

The XDS Magazine release is ambidextrous from the factory. There is a button on either side of the grip that when depressed will release the magazine. Both the Shield and the XDS have two piece triggers. The Shield’s trigger is similar to the other pistols in the M&P line, and Glock triggers.

Does the XDS have a Picatinny rail?

The XDS does not feature a magazine safety, meaning the pistol can be fired with the magazine removed. Also of note is the fact that the frame features a single-point strip of Picatinny rail on the dustcover, which is unique on such a compact auto.

What comes with Springfield XDs 9mm?

Here’s the nice polymer case and components the XD-S comes with. It includes a paddle holster, 2-magazine carrier, 3 magazines, backstrap option w/mag extensions, lock, and extra fiber optic material in two colors.

How much is a XD 9mm handgun?

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Price $519.99
Grips Black Polymer
Sights 3-Dot Dovetail
Weight 28oz
Cartridge 9mm Luger

How much does a XD 9 cost?

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Price $459.99
Barrel Length 4in
Finish Black
Grips Black Polymer
Sights 3-Dot Dovetail