Is a 7 ton log splitter enough?

Is a 7 ton log splitter enough?

This small but mighty machine handles logs up to 19 inches long, weighing up to 50 pounds. Seven tons of splitting capacity deliver the power you need for the job at hand.

How many tons is a good log splitter?

Logs that are larger in diameter need more pressure to split. That’s why a 4-ton log splitter will work well for 6″ branches, but a 24″ tree trunk will require at least the force of a 20-ton splitter.

How strong is a 7 ton log splitter?

The log splitter uses 7 tons of RAM splitting force to split logs up to 20.5″ long and 10″ in diameter. Made of durable steel, the log splitter features a dependable 2HP electric motor, and it comes with 7″ wheels for easy transport. 7 tons of RAM splitting force can split logs up to 20.5″ long and 10″ in diameter.

How do I calculate my log splitter tonnage?

With a little simple geometry you can calculate a cylinder’s force in pounds or tons. The pound force is the product of the fluid pressure in psi multiplied by the cross-sectional area of the piston. To get the hydraulic cylinder tonnage, divide the pound force by 2,000.

What is better an electric or gas log splitter?

Gas splitters, like the Iron and Oak 30 ton wood splitter, usually pack a little more punch than an electric splitter, allowing you to take on bigger logs. While gas splitters are usually a little heavier than electric, you are not tethered by the needs of an outlet, giving yourself greater range and portability.

What is the powerhouse 7 ton log splitter?

Portable, Powerful, Patented 7 Ton Capacity, Electric Powered with hydraulic ram and safety controls to keep hands away from dangerous areas, the Powerhouse 7 Ton Log Splitter has left a dramatic impression on wood split and hearth users around the globe. Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here.

What is a portable log splitter and how does it work?

Portable – It is small and lightweight with built-in wheels making it easier to move around any work area.P owerful – Its hydraulic ram delivers 7-tons of power making all your log splitting tasks quick and easy.E

How long does it take to split a 12 inch log?

Splitting time: Takes about 6-seconds to split a hardwood log with length 20-1/2-Inch and diameter 12-Inch then the ram returns to original place within 5 Seconds ready for your next log.