How wide is a Chausson motorhome?

How wide is a Chausson motorhome?

It’s a generous enough 1.93m x 1.38m, tapering to1. 28m wide.

How wide is a Chausson 630?

2.35 m
Technical Specifications

Payload 400 kg
MTPLM 3500 kg
Shipping Length 6.99 m
Width 2.35 m

How long is a Chausson 630?


External Dimensions
External Height 2.92 m (9 ‘ 7 ” )
External Length 6.99 m (22 ‘ 11 ” )
External Width 2.35 m (7 ‘ 9 ” )

Who makes Chausson motorhomes?

CHAUSSON is a brand of TRIGANO, the European leader in leisure vehicles. CHAUSSON is a well-known French brand with a rich history. CHAUSSON overcabs and low profiles are designed and manufactured by TRIGANO VDL at Tournon sur Rhône (Ardèche, France) in the heart of the Rhône Valley vineyards.

What is a low profile motorhome?

Lowprofile motorhomes are a popular alternative to coachbuilt. The overcab on the conventional coachbuilt is dispensed with to allow extra storage. The lower profile allows sleek looks and lower fuel consumption.

Who makes Bailey motorhomes?

1950 to 2000 – A new site and advances in production In 1977, Patrick and Stephen Howard purchased the company and Bailey has remained in Howard family ownership up to the present day.

What are the most reliable motorhomes?

Owners of used motorhomes rate Mercedes-Benz base vehicles as the best, with a very impressive score of 90.6%. Volkswagen is just behind with 90.5%, and Renault takes third with 87.6%. Satisfaction with base vehicles is generally high, with other manufacturers also picking up high scores.

What is Chausson?

Noun. chausson m (plural chaussons) slipper (footwear) bootee. ballet shoe (UK), ballet slipper (US)

What is the difference between coachbuilt and low profile?

The overcab on the conventional coachbuilt is dispensed with to allow extra storage. The lower profile allows sleek looks and lower fuel consumption. It’s fitted out as the coachbuilt using many different layouts and is the ideal vehicle for two people who want plenty of space.

How high is a low profile motorhome?

The low-profile version measures 2.75 in height and the low-profile version with a fold-down bed 2.85 m.

What is a good motorhome to buy?

We’ve done the legwork for you to round up the best motorhomes to shop in 2021.

  • Winnebago Revel Camper Van.
  • Airstream Atlas Touring Coach.
  • Thor Motor Coach Tuscany 45MX Motorhome.
  • Winnebago Adventurer Motorhome.
  • Forest River Berkshire XLT 45CA Motorhome.
  • Thor Tiburon Sprinter Motorhome.
  • Jayco Greyhawk Motorhome.

What is the best Bailey caravan?

The new Bailey Alicanto Grande is a top of the range caravan in every sense and the premier offering from Bailey for the 2022 season. The Alicanto includes all the features that you would expect from a premium caravan.

When did the Chausson flash motorhome come out?

The Chausson Flash range was built on the 5.1 generation of Ford Transit platform-cab and chassis-cab vans. They were built from 2005 to 2013. The Flash range includes Luton overcab coachbuilt motorhomes and low-profile versions.

How many seats does a Chausson flash 09 have?

The Chausson Flash 09 remarkably offers seven berths, twin Pullman dinettes, five travel seats and a spacious washroom, all in 7.7m. New layouts offered during its long and successful production run included the significant Flash 14 with fixed rear twin single beds.

Where are Chausson flash watches made?

Chausson is part of the Trigano Group of companies. The brand is based in France, but not all its Flash models are made there; some of the earlier overcab models and all the later ones were made in Peñiscola, Spain.

How many seats does a flash 08 motorhome have?

Both of them, the Flash 02 in a compact 5.67m body and the 6.69m Flash 08, offered four travel seats, and the lounge in the Flash 08 could be converted into a double bed. You can read our Chausson Flash 08 review, the Flash 04 review and the Flash 09 review and many more Practical Motorhome ‘van reviews here.