How to upload a workflow to a database?

How to upload a workflow to a database?

There are three different methods to upload a workflow into database. The simple one is from workflow builder tool itself. Go to File > Save as and choose the option “database”. Provide your apps user login credentials and click OK.

Can I customize the workflow processes in Oracle workflow?

You can use Oracle Workflow to customize the predefined workflow processes listed below. A full description of each workflow is documented in its respective product’s User’s Guide or Configuration Guide, if one is available.

What can I do with workflow approval?

Using workflow approval processes, you can: Approve or deny individual line items in a transaction, such as a change request. Approve and deny multiple transactions one at a time.

What is a workflow?

Many daily tasks are part of a larger process that involves several steps and people working together. The term workflow refers to this process, which could encompass, for example, the approval of a requisition or a change request form.

What is delivering electronic notifications Oracle workflow?

Delivering Electronic Notifications. Oracle Workflow extends the reach of business process automation throughout the enterprise and beyond to include any e –mail or Internet user. Oracle Workflow lets people receive notifications of items awaiting their attention via e –mail, and act based on their e –mail responses.

How to create workflow function in Salesforce?

3) Create Workflow Function: Right click on white space in the process window and then click New Function. Alternatively you can select Functions in Navigator and right click to get “New Function” option We will join these activities later after we have our notification ready. Create one more attribute Click Apply and then OK.

How to run workflow in running mode after item created?

Make sure to run “Workflow background process” after item is created. Workflow will get into defered status initially and after workflow background process program is completed it should be in running mode. Compile the PL/SQL code in database.