How tight should a bike hub be?

How tight should a bike hub be?

150 in/lb is about standard. If it is not tight it will allow the rear wheel to move around and it ties your rear triangle together. Basically the whole back of the bike will feel sloppy. When you tighten an axle it will squeeze your hub and load your bearings.

How do you center the rear wheel on a bike?

The wheel should be centered between the fork blades. To adjust wheel centering, open the quick release, move the wheel either left or right until the wheel appears centered, then close the quick release. For non-quick release wheels, loosen the axle nuts and center the wheel, then tighten the nuts fully.

Should I grease through axle?

Applying grease to the actual axles itself is less important, as your wheels rotate on the bearings. However, greasing the axles allows you to more easily slide the axles in and out of the Mountain Bike Frame.

What kind of hub does the Shimano fh-m525a have?

For use with 6-bolt disc brake rotors and quick release dropouts, the SHIMANO FH-M525A rear hub is available in silver and black and compatible with 11-speed cassettes.

How often should I service my Shimano hubs?

All Shimano hubs run on cup and cone bearings, so if you have Shimano wheels, this is a procedure that you should consider performing once or twice a year. If your hubs feel like they are rough when you spin the wheels, or if there is play in the hubs, you could solve this issue by servicing the bearings.

How many bearings are in a Shimano rear hub?

It’s worth having a small plastic container handy to drop parts into, as they will all need to be degreased and rinsed. The bearings in a Shimano rear hub are ¼” in diameter and each race contains 9 bearings. Front hub is 3/16″.

What are Cup and cone bearings on a Shimano Deore cassette hub?

This is a guide for overhauling a rear Shimano Deore cassette hub, which uses cup and cone bearings. The cup is the bearing race which is built into the hub; the cone is the corresponding race which is threaded onto the axle. Whilst cone races can be replaced if they are worn or pitted, the cups of the hub can not.