How pure is Le Bleu water?

How pure is Le Bleu water?

At Le Bleu, we don’t rely on just filtration. Le Bleu is Fractional Vapor Compression Steam Distilled Water. No gimmicks and no inorganic additives, only 11% hydrogen and 89% oxygen – PURE WATER!

Is Le Bleu water Safe?

Le Bleu water is not only safe, but it’s doctor-recommended. In fact, doctors recommend using only distilled water for baby formula. Le Bleu bottled water is also recommended for intravenous feeding, inhalation therapy, and liquid drug prescriptions.

Where is Le Bleu water from?

Greensboro, NC
We make the purest, best-tasting water possible. At our state-of-the-art water purification facility in Greensboro, NC, we take water from municipal sources “five steps beyond Mother Nature” in Le Bleu’s distillation, filtration, and ozonation process.

Is Le Bleu water acidic?

So when it comes to the pH of the top bottled water brands, we say pick the one that you like because the best water for your health is the one that you will drink the most….7. pH Results of Our Bottled Water Test.

Brand pH
Le Bleu 5.0
Dasani 5.0
Aquafina 5.0
Tap Water 6.5

Why is Le Bleu water so good?

Le Bleu Water is called “ultra pure” because it’s simply the purest, healthiest, and best-tasting bottled water around. And here’s why: Our five-step patent-pending purification process produces the highest quality bottled water on the market today – water that’s 11% hydrogen, 89% oxygen. Nothing more, nothing less.

How is lebleu water made?

Le Bleu puts its water through a treatment technology of filtration, deionization and steam distillation process to create water that is “ultra pure.” It’s a product that can achieve consistent purity, gallon after gallon. It’s not filtration, deionization, or reverse osmosis.

Who makes Le Bleu water?

Le Bleu Corporation is the manufacturer and licensor of Le Bleu Ultra Pure Bottled Water. Through state of the art patent pending purification technology, Le Bleu has been able to position itself uniquely in the bottled water industry. What Le Bleu is definitely not is just another brand of bottled water.

Where is Le Bleu Central located?

Le Bleu Central is a Raleigh, NC-based, independently owned licensee of Le Bleu Corporation. We distribute Le Bleu Ultra Pure bottled water, coffee, break room supplies and more throughout 32 counties in North Carolina including Raleigh, Fayetteville, Wilson, Edenton, Elizabeth City and Outer Banks.

What makes Le Bleu the best tasting water?

First in the world to develop the ULTIMATE purification process, including Fractional Vapor Compression Distillation, Le Bleu produces the purest and best tasting water in the world. No gimmicks and no inorganic additives, only 11% hydrogen and 89% oxygen – PURE WATER! Bottom line… Research your thirst.

Why choose Le Bleu?

The portability of our technology, designed and developed by Le Bleu, allows the company to be a national brand, and even a worldwide brand, in both small package bottled water (3 liters or less) and five-gallon bottled water, while most other bottled water brands can only at best be regional.