How old is Olga in another world with my smartphone?

How old is Olga in another world with my smartphone?

Trivia. The joke about Origa being 17 years old and other characters respond with “Oi! Oi!” in the eyecatches is a reference to her voice actress Inoue Honoka who always says she’s 17 years old and her fans would refute her jokingly with “Oi! Oi!” (roughly equivalent to “really?”).

How many wives does Touya have?

According to Babylon’s vision, Touya would have nine wives in total. He gradually forms pacts with all four of the Heavenly Beasts, with the first and most loyal being Kohaku, the White Monarch.

Who does Touya Mochizuki end up with?

He then marries all of his 9 fiancees who are Elze, Linze, Yae, Sue, Yumina, Leen, Lu, Sakura, and Hilde. He becomes the master of the Babylon Sisters along with their respective Babylon Structures and later their creator, Regina Babylon. He also becomes the King of Spirits.

Who is Ende?

Ende (エンデ, Ende?) is a mysterious young boy who suddenly appears at the commercial area of the southern district of Kingdom of Belfast. Later, it is revealed that his real name is Endymion (エンデミュオン, Endemyuon?).

Is there a season 2 of Death March?

As of right now, there has been no confirmation of renewal for the second season. But this does not automatically suggest that the series has been canceled either since there haven’t been any official reports regarding the matter.

How did Touya become a god?

Touya Mochizuki (望月冬夜, Mochizuki Tōya?) is a young man who is reincarnated into another world with a favor from God, his smartphone after accidentally being killed by God. It is later revealed that God made his body from the Divine Realm’s material which grants him superior physical and magical strength.

Who is Touya in love with?

Yukito Tsukishiro, the borrowed form of Yue, is his boyfriend. His birthday is on February 29th, which makes him a leap year baby, a person that can only “properly” celebrate their birthday once every four years.

Who marries Mochizuki Touya?

Eventually, Touya married Elze as he promised her.

What is Touya Mochizuki God of?

Is death march to the parallel world rhapsody over?

It’s been over two years since Death March to The Parallel World Rhapsody concluded, but fans are still hopeful that a surprise release date for season 2 could be announced.

Who does Satou end up with in Death March?

Sistina Shiga – following Satou’s appointment as the Tourism Ministry vice minister, the Sixth Princess of Shiga Kingdom is announced by the King (her father) to be Satou’s fiance and are to be married after one year of engagement.

What is Olga’s story?

Olga is first shown after Touya and company assist Arma in reuniting them after she got lost in the crowd. She is later revealed to be the scapegoat for the attempted regicide by Count Balsa. After Touya clears her of any suspicion in the poisoning, we later see her during the trip to the Mismede capital to set up the meeting between the kings.

What does Olga look like in the anime?

Olga is a young woman with long hair and brown eyes. She is shown to be wearing a blue dress and black boots. In the anime, her eyebrows are noticibly bushy compared to her manga counterpart. This section is incomplete.

What did Olga say to Lyon in the cafe?

The group follow along when Olga and Lyon go into a cafe, Touya uses his smartphone to snoop in on their conversation. She is later shown to be in a shopping area with Lyon sitting on a bench, when Lyon tried to put his arm around her. She later congratulates Lyon for defeating the hoodlums messing with the apple vendor.