How old is Caliborn?

How old is Caliborn?

Although Caliborn and Calliope’s birthday and age are not mentioned in canon, Hussie has stated that it would make sense that their birthday is 11/11 and that they are eleven “units” old. Based on his birthday, aspect, and lunar sway, this would make Caliborn’s Extended Zodiac sign Scories, the Redeemer.

What happened Jack Noir?

In the MSPA Snapchat snaps, Noir is seen now as the new leader of the Felt.

Who is Lil Cal?

Lil Cal is one of the major antagonists (alongside with Gamzee Makara) in Andrew Hussie’s webcomic Homestuck. He is a demonic puppet summoned by Gamzee Makara in order to haunt Dave Strider’s dreams. He is also the puppet of Caliborn.

How did Caliborn become Lord English?

It is also revealed that Caliborn adopted the name “English” after his first defeat at the hands of Jake, who overpowered him with his Hope aura. English’s ultimate fate is left ambiguous in [S] ACT 7, but he is at the very least deprived of first guardian powers due to the destruction of the Green Sun.

How old is calliope?

Mori Calliope
Birthday April 4
Age No
Height 167cm

What kind of dog is becquerel?

According to Andrew, Bec is an “Omnipoterrier”. However, his physical appearance is more akin to a White Shepherd.

When was Dirk Strider born?

Dirk was born sometime during the 25th century, where the world had been completely flooded due to the melting of the ice caps, and had been conquered by the Condesce, the empress of the planet Alternia. He and Roxy were the last two surviving humans.

Is Lil Cal a juju?

Lil Cal has been identified as a juju, and as such, his existence is an ontological paradox, meaning he has no true point of origin. that he has used his powers to give John and Dave nightmares about Harlequin Jack Noir and Cal, respectively.

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