How much money did Saldivar steal from Selena?

How much money did Saldivar steal from Selena?

He began an investigation and found that Saldívar had used forged checks to embezzle $30,000 from both the fan club and the boutiques. On March 9, 1995, the Quintanilla family held a meeting to discuss the disappearing funds.

Who was Selena’s Q best friend?

Fans of Selena never saw the singer without her older sister and best friend Suzette Quintanilla nearby playing drums. After Selena’s sudden death, Suzette chose to keep the singer’s memory alive by managing the Selena Museum and Q-Productions.

What does Yolanda Saldivar do for Selena’s band?

In 1991, Saldívar founded the Selena Fan Club, and eventually quit her job as a nurse to run the club full-time. In 1994, she was promoted to running Selena’s two boutiques in Texas, essentially becoming a trusted part of Selena’s life. According to an interview Saldívar gave with 20/20, Selena even called her “mom.”

What did Yolanda Saldivar say?

Salvídar claimed she told Selena to leave, pulled out a gun and put it to own her head. The murderer then said she told Selena to leave or she would kill herself. Selena wanted to de-escalate the situation and tried closing the motel room door to talk.

Did Yolanda saldívar steal money?

Saldivar had a record of stealing money from a previous employer and had not paid back loans for nursing school. During the trial, the defense contended Saldivar bought the weapon to kill herself. She actually had put the gun to her head to do so when Selena arrived at her Days Inn room in Corpus Christi.

Does Yolanda Saldivar get money?

District Attorney Carlos Valdez said there was no proof that shows the money was wages Saldivar earned. In 1995, a Harris County jury convicted Saldivar of murder and sentenced her to life in prison for the shooting. She is eligible for parole in 2025.

Is Yolanda still in jail for Selena’s death?

Saldivar is currently serving a life sentence in Mountain View Prison in Texas for the murder of Selena. According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, it’s been confirmed that Saldivar, 60, will be eligible for parole in March 2025, 30 years after her sentence began.

Does Yolanda Saldivar have family?

Saldívar, who married, had to work part time after adopting three children, one of them her niece.

Did Yolanda Saldivar have family?

Armando Saldívar
Juanita SaldívarFrank Saldívar
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