How much is parking at the airport in Little Rock?

How much is parking at the airport in Little Rock?

Little Rock Airport Parking Fees Parking Deck costs $1 per each 20 minutes up to daily maximum of $13 per 24-hours. Long Term lot costs $1 per each 20 minutes up to daily maximum of $10 per 24-hours. Valet parking is available for $16 per day.

How much does it cost to park at Clinton airport?

Clinton National Airport parking can be inconvenient and expensive. Its LIT parking lots (east short term lot and west short term lot) and Smart Park parking deck cost between $10 and $13 per day….Passengers LIT.

Year Amount
2016 1,991,504
2017 2,029,309
2018 2,140,891

How long is short term parking at Little Rock airport?

20 minutes
The Short Term (West) parking lot is $1.00 per 20 minutes, with a maximum of $13. The Long-Term lot, located south of the terminal is $1.00 per 20 minutes with a maximum daily rate of $10.

How much is long term parking at Memphis airport?

Long-Term Parking – $15/Day Long-Term Parking is a good value at $15/day and offers 2225 convenient parking spaces. To access Long Term Parking, just follow the Long Term signs to your left when you come to airport and take the first left exit past the GTC. The Long Term parking entrance is then straight ahead.

Does Little Rock airport have a Starbucks?

Starbucks – Clinton National Airport | Little Rock.

Does Memphis airport have free parking?

The Memphis Airport provides both economy and short-term parking areas near the terminals….Memphis Airport Parking Rates & Options.

Economy Parking Rates Rate
First 30 minutes Free
31 – 90 minutes $1
91 minutes – 24 hours $6
Each 24-hour interval $6

Is it safe to leave your car at Memphis airport?

It’s easy to get to Memphis International Airport (MEM), whether driving and parking or being dropped off. Parking facilities are safe, well-lit, clean and accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Handicap-accessible parking is available close to walkways and elevators.

Does Little Rock airport have food?

Shopping, Dining & Amenities Airport restaurants allow travelers the convenience of sit-down table service, and many offer take-away meals to bring on board. If you’re looking for some reading material, a gift idea, or simply a cold beverage, you may find those within a small convenience store.

Are restaurants open at Little Rock airport?

For now, two restaurants are open at the airport. They are Great American Bagel and Chili’s. The latter had the highest sales at the airport in 2019, a total of $2.4 million, according to airport executives.

What is the nearest airport to Little Rock?

The closest airport to Little Rock is Falls International Airport (INL). Distance from Falls International Airport to Little Rock, MN is 92.3 miles / 148.6 kilometers.

What is the closest airport to Little Rock AK?

The closest airport to Little Rock is Clinton National Airport (LIT). Distance from Clinton National Airport to Little Rock, AR is 3.9 miles / 6.3 kilometers.

What is the airport code for Little Rock, Arkansas?

The official or more formal name for the three letter code is actually the International Air Transport Association Airport Code or IATA Airport Code for short. The airport code for Little Rock National Airport, which is located in Little Rock, Arkansas, is LIT.