How much is it to replace a FOID card?

How much is it to replace a FOID card?

What does a replacement FOID Card cost? A replacement FOID card costs $10.00 plus a $1.00 e-Pay service fee.

How long does it take to get FOID card reinstated?

How long does the process take? The appeal process takes an average of six to eight months.

How long is a FOID card good?

How long is the FOID Card valid? The FOID Card has a 10-year expiration date.

Where can I get my FOID card picture taken?

You can take it at your place, in the office or on the street – no limits here! There is no requirement of taking the photo for the FOID card in a professional studio or photo booth.

How to replace a lost or stolen concealed firearm permit card?

How to Apply for a Replacement Card If you lost your card and you would like a new one, you can follow this link to the application that you will have to print out and mail in: Concealed Firearm Permit Replacement Form. The application is called “Replacement Application for Concealed Firearm Permit”.

What is a firearm owner’s identification card?

Overview of the Firearm Owner’s Identification Card What is a FOID Card? The FOID Card was created in 1968, by the Firearm Owner’s Identification Act (430 ILCS 65), as part of a public safety initiative in the State of Illinois to identify those persons eligible to possess and acquire firearms and firearm ammunition.

How do I get a replacement FOID card?

You can apply for a replacement card at the same time. What if I damaged my FOID Card, how can I get a replacement? You may request a replacement card by logging into the Firearms Services web portal from the Illinois State Police website, or by calling the Customer Service Center at 217-782-7980..

Can you buy a gun with a FOID card?

Yes. As long as your FOID is valid, 430 ILCS 65/3 (a) allows you to present your CCL in lieu of a FOID to purchase a firearm or ammunition. How long is the FOID Card valid?