How much is Bayonetta for PS3?

How much is Bayonetta for PS3?

Bayonetta Playstation 3

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Site Price
PriceCharting $6.99
Amazon $7.59
GameStop $9.99

How much did the original PS3 cost?

PlayStation 3

Top: Original PlayStation 3 (2006) Center: PlayStation 3 Slim (2009) Bottom: PlayStation 3 Super Slim (2012)
Generation Seventh generation
Release date JP: November 11, 2006 NA: November 17, 2006 PAL: March 23, 2007
Lifespan 2006–2017
Introductory price US$499.99 (20 GB model) US$599.99 (60 GB model)

How much was PS3 2008?

The immediate advantage Sony has going into 2008 is something that initially looked like a liability: its Blu-ray DVD player. It was pretty cool to have the cutting-edge player inside every game system, but it also hoisted the price of the PS3 to $600 — at least initially.

Is “Renascence” a true story?

This drama was based on a graphic novel named “The Cry of the Phoenix that Reached Ninth Heaven.” “Renascence” is a 2020 Chinese drama that was directed by Lui Hai Bo.

What are the features of a PlayStation 3 160GB?

Sony Playstation 3 160GB System 1 IBM Cell processor and a co-developed NVIDIA graphics processor 2 Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 5.1 3 PlayStation 3 utilizes the Blu-ray disc media format 4 The Dualshock 3 wireless controller (one controller) included with The PlayStation 3 5 HDMI + Bravia Synch functionality

How much does a PS3 cost in India?

Sony PlayStation 3 Price in India. Sony Playstation 3 (Black) ₹ 13,900. Out of Stock. Sony Playstation 3 (Black) ₹ 16,990. Out of Stock. Sony Playstation 3 (Black) ₹ 16,990.

What are the specs of a Sony PlayStation 3?

Sony PlayStation 3 1 HDD 12GB, 500GB 2 Processor 3.2GHz Cell Broadband Engine 3 Graphics 550MHz 4 RAM 256MB 5 AV Composite video (S-Video, RGB SCART) Component (D-Terminal), Optical out 6 USB 4 USB 2.0 ports 7 Weight 2.1kg 8 Ethernet Yes