How much is an elk tag worth in New Mexico?

How much is an elk tag worth in New Mexico?

Table of Draw Fees

License Type Resident Nonresident
Standard Elk License (Residents 18–64 years of age and all nonresidents)
A (Antlerless) $60 Not Issued
MB (Mature Bull) $90 $548
ES (Either Sex) $90 $548

How much are landowner elk tags in New Mexico?

In the units that we hunt, landowner tags for elk generally range from about $4,000 to around $7,500. The purchase of a landowner tag is also subject to New Mexico sales tax.

Can you get over-the-counter elk tags in New Mexico?

Over-the-counter private-land opportunities are available for deer, pronghorn, oryx, and Barbary sheep. Private-land elk licenses are available by obtaining an authorization number from a landowner.

How many elk tags are issued in New Mexico?

Since then elk numbers have stabilized, as have the number of licenses in the Big Game Draw – about 21,000 a year since 2008. In addition, Game and Fish sells nearly 2,000 additional licenses over the counter, through the Youth Encouragement hunts, population management hunts and left-over trophy elk (APRE) hunts.

How do I get a landowner tag in New Mexico?

New Mexico Landowner Tag EPLUS Account Changes/Updates EPLUS applications are available online, at any Department of Game and Fish office, or by calling 1-888-248-6866. Applications are normally available for the following year by October 1.

How much are elk tags?

Resident Hunters can now go on a guided hunt with an Alberta Outfitter

Permits and Licences Canadian Non-Resident Alien
Mule Deer Licence $187.24 $258.84
Elk Licence $309.66 $446.43
Moose Licence $269.60 $415.30
Trophy Bighorn Sheep Licence $621.45 $621.45

What states can you get over the counter elk tags?

Three Incredible OTC Elk States

  • Idaho OTC Elk units. PC: Idaho Fish and Game.
  • OTC archery either-sex elk units. PC: Colorado Parks and Wildlife.
  • OTC Archery cow elk units. PC: Colorado Parks and Wildlife.
  • OTC rifle 2nd and 3rd season. PC: Colorado Parks and Wildlife.
  • OTC rifle plains units.
  • Utah elk units.

Where is the best elk hunting in NM?

South central New Mexico is home to some of the states best elk hunting with units 34 & 36 leading the way. The two units have been consistent producers of quality bulls (300+) with truly giant bulls (370+) being taken out of both units every year.

What are the best Elk units in New Mexico?

Another place among the best elk hunting units in New Mexico is in the northwest region. This is where the GMU 2A, 2B, and 2C lie. These units have a larger population than the Cibola Nation Forest. This means you’ll have more chance and targets to hunting. Along with the quantity, GMU 2 is also very quality.

How do you hunt elk in New Mexico?

Elk hunting in New Mexico can only be accomplished in one of two ways. You either draw a tag, or buy a landowner permit. A landowner permit is essentially a voucher to allow you to purchase a guaranteed elk tag.

Where are elk in New Mexico?

Hunt elk on the 85,000 acre Rio Costilla Park Ranch in north central New Mexico. Rio Costilla is located in New Mexico Elk Hunting unit 55A and borders Ted Turner ‘s exclusive elk hunting ranch. Unit 55A consists of huge tracts of both private and public land professionally managed for quality big game.