How much is a upper deck LeBron James rookie card worth?

How much is a upper deck LeBron James rookie card worth?

LeBron James #301 2003 Upper Deck

Sale Date Title ▲ ▼ Price
2021-12-21 LeBron James 2003 Upper Deck Star Rookie Card RC #301 Cavaliers Lakers read desc #301 $89.88
2021-11-24 2003-04 Upper Deck Lebron James Star Rookie #301 PSA #301 $205.50
2021-11-12 2003 Upper Deck Lebron James Star Rookie #301 $115.50

How much is a 2003 Upper Deck LeBron James rookie card worth?

LeBron James set another record Saturday night when his 2003-04 Upper Deck rookie card sold for $1.845 million at Goldin Auctions.

What is the rarest LeBron James rookie card?

2004-05 LeBron James Topps Chrome Superfractor #23 Superfractor cards are the rarest refractor card, each limited to 1/1. Although this Superfractor originated from LeBron’s sophomore season, the value of LeBron’s PSA 10 2004 Topps Chrome still places it among his most valuable cards.

How many LeBron James rookie cards are there?

If you’re looking for LeBron James Rookie Cards, there is no shortage of options out there. He has more than 60 cards that carry RC status. Sixty-two if you want to be exact. And that’s not including all the other inserts, parallels and special edition cards released in 2003-04.

How many Tom Brady rookie cards are there?

In fact, Panini America, which now holds the NFL exclusive and owns several of the same brands that issued cards at this time, was not even an option in 2000. In total, there are 45 different Tom Brady rookie cards. This staggering number includes 26 serial-numbered cards (2,000 copies or less) and just one autograph.

How much is a Giannis rookie card worth?

Giannis Antetokounmpo Rookie Card Sells for $1,168,500; Graded Gem Mint 9.5. The card was rated a 9.5, featuring a perfect 10 for the edges and corners. An even rarer Giannis rookie card set the record for the highest-priced basketball card in modern history, selling for $1.812 million in September, per TMZ Sports.

How much is a Kobe Bryant Skybox rookie card worth?

Kobe Bryant #203 1996 Skybox Premium

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2022-01-20 1996-97 Skybox Premium Kobe Bryant Rookie Card RC #203 PSA 9 MINT Lakers V188 $127.50
2022-01-19 1996 Kobe Bryant Rookie Skybox Premium #203 RC PSA 9 $110.00
2022-01-17 1996 SKYBOX PREMIUM KOBE BRYANT ROOKIE #203 PSA MINT 9 #203 $83.00

How many Babe Ruth rookie cards are there?

Babe Ruth’s 1914 Baltimore News card has long been a coveted item among collectors not only for the point in Ruth’s career it represents, but also the sheer rarity of it: Fewer than 10 cards are known to be in existence, with the last one known to be sold having sold for $450,300 at an auction in 2013.

How much is Shaquille O Neal’s rookie card worth?

Recent sale: $3,500. Shaquille O’Neal’s rookie value is very high, as evidenced by this list, and this card tops it at $3,499. This PSA 10 card is one of the 53 cards with that grade in the 382-card population.

Is LeBron James the best basketball player of all-time?

4 Reasons LeBron James is the greatest of all time Statistical advantages. Many hoops fans hold strong in their belief that Jordan is the greatest player in NBA history. Climbing the LeBron GOAT ladder. LeBron James is steadily rising on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. In the wake of departure. The playing field – greatest of all time.

Is LeBron James A good basketball player?

Lebron James is good at basketball. On the court he has put up historically great numbers. He has won the NBA championship twice, and been the MVP of the league four times. His various achievements show that it is generally accepted by the media, his peers, and the fans that he a good basketball player.

What is LeBron James favorite baseball team?

Lebron James enjoys hobbies that include reading, listening to music, spending time with his family and friends and playing basketball, which is his favorite pastime both personally and professionally. James’ hobbies also include watching professional baseball. His favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees.

Does LeBron James have a championship ring?

Lebron James has three rings as of 2017. For those who are not fans of basketball, rings typically mean championship.