How much is a Jenny Saville painting?

How much is a Jenny Saville painting?

Jenny Saville’s work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging from $1,085 USD to $12,497,949 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork. Since 1998 the record price for this artist at auction is $12,497,949 USD for PROPPED, sold at Sotheby’s London in 2018.

Does Jenny Saville work from photos?

Saville’s striking self-portrait, Plan, makes use of extreme foreshortening to present an uncompromising image of the female nude. Working from photographs rather than life, she presents a snapshot, a fleeting glimpse of a figure that struggles to be contained within the frame.

Where is Jenny Saville’s work?

Saville currently lives and works in Oxford, United Kingdom. Today, her works are held in the collections of the Broad Art Foundation in Los Angeles, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, among others.

What style does Jenny Saville use?

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Young British Artists
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Is Jenny Saville rich?

Saville works and lives in Oxford, England. On 5 October 2018 Saville’s Propped (1992) sold at Sothebys’ in London for £9.5 million, above its £3-£4 million estimate, becoming the most expensive work by a living female artist sold at auction….

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Is Jenny Saville a YBA?

Jenny Saville (born 7 May 1970) is a contemporary British painter associated with the Young British Artists. She is known for her large-scale painted depictions of nude women. Saville later emerged as a Young British Artist (YBA).

What techniques does Jenny Saville use?

Saville works with oil paint, applied in heavy layers, becomes as visceral as flesh itself, each painted mark maintaining a supple, mobile life of its own. As Saville pushes, smears, and scrapes the pigment over her large-scale canvases.

What art style does Jenny Saville use?

What is Jenny Saville’s current work?

Saville’s work Reverse (2002-3) is currently on view as part of the All Too Human exhibition at Tate Britain until August 27, 2018. This event is in partnership with Rizzoli and Gagosian. Jenny Saville was born in 1970 in Cambridge, England. She received her B.A. Honors Fine Art from Glasgow School of Art, Scotland.

How can I purchase a print of Jenny Saville?

To purchase a print, visit Jenny Saville is the subject of an exhibition project conceived and curated by Sergio Risaliti, director of the Museo Novecento, in collaboration with four other major museums in Florence: Museo di Palazzo Vecchio, Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, Museo degli Innocenti, and Museo di Casa Buonarroti.

What is Anne Saville’s best work?

Among her best-known works is the large-scale self-portrait Branded (1992), in which the artist distorts her own torso and breasts through painting, making both body parts pendulous and imposing. Saville’s luscious yet grotesque treatment of painted bodies have elicited comparisons to Lucian Freud. “I paint flesh because I’m human,” she has said.

Who is savsaville?

Saville’s work invokes a deep fascination in the palpability of flesh, extremities of anatomy, and the grotesque combined with a masterly and yet intuitive instinct for the handling of paint. She graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1992 and was appointed as lecturer at The Slade School of Fine Arts, London between 2000 – 2006.