How much is a Indian Head 1907 penny worth?

How much is a Indian Head 1907 penny worth?

1907 Indian head penny value* Most pieces in good condition are worth only $2, while you need to pay about $20 to $30 for the one in uncirculated condition.

What year is the rarest Indian head penny?

Although not an error or variety, the 1877 Indian Head cent had an extremely low mintage of only 852,500 coins. This has made it a key date and one of the most valuable coins in the series. Since this is the most valuable coin in the series, it is often counterfeited.

What Indian head penny is worth a lot of money?

Bottom Line: 1888 Indian Head Cent (Last 8 Over 7) The tail of the “7” is still slightly visible under the 8, making this one of the rarest and most valuable pennies of all time. USA Coin Book estimated its worth to be $1,671 in average condition and up to $38,120 in uncirculated mint condition.

What does a 1907 penny look like?

Original mint luster is still visible over the entire coin, often toned a pleasing brown. By tilting an uncirculated penny side to side, unbroken luster rotates across the surface. Extremely Fine: A 1907 Indian head penny in “extremely fine” condition is well defined in all areas of the design.

How much is a 1907 Indian Head penny worth?

Good-4 1907 pennies retail for $1.80 each while choice proofs sell for $1,950. James B. Longacre designed 1907 Indian Head pennies, which belong to a series that first debuted in 1859. Longacre served as Chief Engraver of the United States Mint from 1844 until his passing in 1869.

How much is a 1902 Indian Head Penney worth?

1902 Indian Head cents were minted in large numbers, with 87,374,704 business strikes coming from the Philadelphia mint. 2,018 proof specimens were also made in 1902. The common business strikes retail for $2 in Good-4, which according to most collectors of 20th-century coins is considered the lowest collectible grade. 1902 proof Indian Head pennies sell for $1,275 .

What is the most valuable Indian Head penny?

1877 1C MS66 Red PCGS. Sold For:$149,500.00

  • 1872 1C MS66 Red PCGS. Sold For:$126,500.00
  • 1909-S 1C MS67 Red PCGS. Sold For:$97,750.00
  • 1899 1C MS68 Red PCGS.
  • 1888/7 1C MS63 Brown PCGS.
  • 1873 1C Doubled LIBERTY MS65 Red and Brown PCGS.
  • 1861 1C MS68 PCGS.
  • 1888 1C MS67 Red PCGS.
  • 1871 1C MS66 Red PCGS.
  • 1873 1C Doubled LIBERTY,Closed 3 MS65 Red and Brown PCGS.
  • What Penny from 1909 is rarest?

    The 1909 VDB Matte Proof Lincoln Cent is the rarest of all matte proof pennies produced between 1909 – 1916. About 1,194 1909 matte proof pennies were made with the designer’s initials, V.D.B., but for an unknown reason less than 200 are known to exist today.