How much is a 2007 Honda euro worth?

How much is a 2007 Honda euro worth?

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*Private Price Guide $5,000 – $6,900
*Trade In Price Guide $2,800 – $4,700
*Average Km 225,000 – 375,000
*Price When New $42,990* Price Guide (EGC)

Is 2007 Honda Accord Euro a good car?

2007 Honda Accord Euro Tourer 7th Gen Super reliable, great handling, responsive, dependable, and a very pleasant drive. I owned this car for 6 years and never once had an issue with it, absolutely nothing ever went wrong. Overall just a fantastic car and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one in the future.

Is Honda Accord Euro a good car?

Long live the Accord Euro The car is quiet, drives super smooth and has sporty handling. Excellent build quality and paint finish. Fuel economy is rather good at 8L/100km.

Does Honda Accord Euro have aux input?

As you may know, all Accords have an AUX button on the stereo.

How long does Accord Euro last?

Even though the average miles the Honda Accord lasts is around 200,000 miles, it can actually last up to 300,000 miles.

Does a Honda Accord Euro have VTEC?

Accord comes in a sleek, sporty guise powered by a spirited 2.4-litre four-cylinder motor with variable valve timing, called the Euro, with prices starting at $34,250. Styling aside, one of the highlights of the Euro is the 2.4-litre double overhead camshaft motor which comes with full i-VTEC variable valve technology.

Is a Honda Accord Euro a good first car?

The Honda Accord is a fantastic first car because they are consistently rated as one of the most reliable cars year after year. The Accord has one of the highest used car resale values of any car and has excellent fuel economy.

Why is it called Accord Euro?

However, since the Japanese never sold the European Accord in Japan, not many knew how good the European Accord was. So the Japanese thought of a plan – to show the world how a front-wheel-drive 4 door saloon can be sporty. Hence the Accord Euro R, never been officially sold out of Japan. And it was joyous.

What is a Honda Accord Euro?

Launching locally in 2003, the Honda Accord Euro was a smaller, more agile four-door sedan designed for European markets, after Honda decided to develop an Accord design in parallel, specifically for the American market.

How much does a Honda Accord Euro 2007 cost?

The Honda Accord Euro 2007 prices range from $4,500 for the basic trim level Sedan Accord Euro Euro to $12,990 for the top of the range Sedan Accord Euro Luxury. The Honda Accord Euro 2007 is available in Premium Unleaded Petrol.

How much should I pay for an Accord Hybrid?

The Accord Hybrid has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $31,685, while the same car with navigation is $33,685. The Fair Purchase Price shows consumers are paying around MSRP for their Accord Hybrids, but be sure to check the Fair Purchase Price to see what consumers are currently paying in your area.

What’s new in the 2007 Honda Accord Hybrid?

What’s New? No major changes for 2007. The Accord Hybrid represents a different take on hybrid technology. Instead of matching its electric motor to a fuel-efficient four-cylinder engine, as with the Civic Hybrid, and the Camry and upcoming Altima hybrids, the Accord Hybrid has its electric-assist motor teamed to a powerful 3.0-liter V6 engine.

Which is better accord or Camry Hybrid?

Conversely, the Camry Hybrid earns far better EPA city fuel economy ratings (40 miles per gallon versus 28 miles per gallon) and costs some $5,000 less. The Accord Hybrid has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $31,685, while the same car with navigation is $33,685.