How much horsepower is a 355 Chevy motor?

How much horsepower is a 355 Chevy motor?

GM 355 Base Engine Cast Iron Vortec Heads Flat Tappet Cam 1pc RMS HP & Torque: 385 HP / 405 FT LBS – American Powertrain.

What makes a 355 Chevy motor?

A 355 chevy is simply a 350 overbored block with newer pistons and rings. It means at least a rebuilt engine.

What kind of engine is a 355?

Though the name makes it sound like some special, unheard of Chevy engine, the 355 CID small block is actually the most common engine in the world — the 350. For all of this time, the 350 small block — all stock 350s, in fact — has actually displaced 355 cubic inches of air and fuel, rather than 350.

Who makes the 355 engine?

GM 355 Crate Engine | GM High Performance Crate Engines.

Can you get 400hp out of a 350?

A: You can get 400 hp out of a small block 350 and keep it streetable. First, stay away from the 305 heads. We’d recommend a set of Trick Flow 23-degree 195 heads and a piston that will run on pump gas and withstand 10:1 compression, like these Keith Black hypereutectic pistons.

How much horsepower does a 355 Chevy have?

With a price tag right at $4,000, the 355’s 467hp output works out at roughly $8 per horse. Assuming for the sake of argument that a 625hp small-block would ring up a $10,000 tab, the math works out to $16 per horse.

What is a Chevy 355 engine?

Quick Overview: This 355 Chevy crate engine is ideal for serious street performance. Our basic 355 Chevrolet performance crate engines boast an honest 355+ horsepower and 375+ torque and run on premium pump gas. This engine will give you the reliability you want for your street cruiser while still having the power you need.

How much HP does a 355 have?

On top of that, lots of boost – twin turbos matched to the hp curve, looking to make those numbers around 6000-6500 rpm. A naturally aspirated 355 is easily capable of over 1hp without much on it in the way of mods.

What is the best small block chevy engine?

Top 10 Engines of All Time (#1): Small Block Chevrolet (Gen 1) 350 Your Thoughts. Even though the small block Chevy vote was split among the various versions, the Chevy 350 still received the most votes out of any engine. History. The small block Chevrolet first appeared in 1955 when General Motors developed the engine for the Corvette. Specifications. Modifications Reference Books.