How much does spiral buffet cost?

How much does spiral buffet cost?

Spiral Buffet prices 4,092 PHP per person with all you can drink alcohol. 3,378 PHP per person with no alcohol.

How much is the buffet at spiral Sofitel?

Rates are set at Php 3,100 nett for Thursday lunch, Php 3,500 nett for Friday-Saturday lunch, Php 4,500 nett for Sunday Brunch (without champagne), Php 5,900 nett for Sunday Brunch (with free-flowing Moet & Chandon champagne), and Php 3,900 for Thursday-Sunday dinner.

Are drinks included in spiral buffet?

Beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are not included in the buffet and are subject to VAT, Local Tax and Service Charge. However, champagne, mojitos and selected wines are inclusive in the Sunday Brunch rate.

How do you reserve a spiral?

Spiral will be open for bookings every Thursday to Sunday, starting on January 26. We look forward to welcoming you back for a nonpareil interactive dining experience! We are currently accepting lunch and dinner reservations for January 27 onwards. Reserve a table by clicking the “Make a Booking” button.

Is spiral buffet open Covid?

SOFITEL MANILA’s famed buffet restaurant Spiral reopened its doors on Oct. 2, making a number of changes to adapt to the ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. These range from safety and hygiene measures to new dishes prepared àla minute.

What should I wear to spiral Sofitel?

Hi – appropriately dressing is definitely called for, but no dress code as such (even casual). Its in the hotel so you may imagine some of the hotel guests dining in not too fancy outfits anyway.

How much is the medley buffet Okada?

Breakfast (6AM to 10PM) – P1400. Lunch (11:30AM to 3PM) – P1850. Dinner (6PM to 11PM) – P2700.

Is spiral open?

Spiral is open from Friday to Sunday this week and Thursdays to Sundays starting next week. For bookings, you may contact us via +63 (02) 8-832-6988 or

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Is there a dress code in spiral buffet?

Hi – appropriately dressing is definitely called for, but no dress code as such (even casual). Its in the hotel so you may imagine some of the hotel guests dining in not too fancy outfits anyway. Shorts and flip flops may be avoided (its cold, anyway!). over a year ago.

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What is spiral at home?

Spiral presents Spiral at Home, a specially-curated menu of regional specialties and the restaurant’s most popular menu items from across its prestigious 21 dining ateliers. Spiral at Home is available for pick-up or delivery. Order now to experience the signature Spiral gastronomic experience from the comforts of home.

How many dining Ateliers does spiral have?

Give your palates a taste of the world and let your imaginations run wild as sumptuous international dishes are served in a first-class interactive dining setting that is uniquely Spiral. With its 21 dining ateliers, this iconic restaurant offers

What is the best time to visit the Spiral Cafe?

Spiral | Every Wednesday, 6:30pm to 10:30pm. Dive into a rich and enhanced selection of seafood delicacies as Spiral brings you a feast from under the sea. Taste different flavors of fish and seafood prepared by our seasoned ateliers.

How can I get a buffet for free on my birthday?

Drop by on your birthday and you get a buffet for free as long as you’re with one paying adult; on any other day within your birthday month, you can dine for free as long as you’re with three paying adults. Be sure to bring a valid ID as proof of birth date!