How much does RCN Business cost?

How much does RCN Business cost?

RCN Business Internet Plans

Plan Name Price Contract Length
RCN Business Internet 50 $84.95/mo 12 months
RCN Business Internet 75 $124.95/mo 12 months
RCN Business Internet 100 $174.95/mo 12 months
RCN Business Internet 150 $224.95/mo 12 months

How do I contact RCN by email?

In addition to the live chat, customers can contact RCN through email. RCN’s customer care e-mail address is [email protected].

Does RCN offer VoIP?

RCN Business Hosted Voice gives your business a voice over IP (VoIP) phone system that is easily manageable, giving you a more economical value than a traditional on premise phone systems. The cloud-based phone service is delivered over our wholly-owned fiber-rich network, making it as reliable as it is cost-effective.

How do I contact RCN?

Please call one of our Member Consultants on 0345 7726 100 who will be happy to help.

Does RCN have 24/7 customer service?

Our customer service teams are locally based and our 24/7 customer support is in the US – ready to help anytime!

How much does RCN phone cost?

Economical. Plans starting as low as $9.99 per month with no contracts and no additional equipment charges.

Why are the RCN calling me?

Calls from RCNi RCNi is part of the RCN Group and publishes nursing journals and online content. Sometimes RCNi contacts RCN members with special telephone offers for subscriptions. You’ll only receive these calls if you’ve opted into receiving them.

What does RCN stand for?

Residential Communications Network
History. RCN (Residential Communications Network) was originally created in 1993 by developer David McCourt and Peter Kiewit Sons’ Inc.

Is RCN A good cable company?

4 in our Best Internet Service Providers rating, up one position from 2020. It offers reliable service at affordable prices with a good variety of options to fit different budgets and needs. Among the Best Cable Internet Providers, RCN ties for No. 2, another bump up from last year.

Does RCN require a contract?

No Contracts — With RCN you are never locked into a contract. The availability of services, pricing and offerings displayed on are for residential NEW RCN customers only. Prices do not include taxes, franchise fees, activation fees or surcharges.

Do RCN members get access to RCNi?

Yes. As part of the Royal College of Nursing Group, we contact opted-in RCN members with exclusive offers for RCNi subscriptions. These offers give RCN members access to RCNi’s premium resources at a discounted rate to help you deliver best practice and meet the NMC’s revalidation requirements.

Is RCN owned by Comcast?

In 2004, its New Jersey systems were spun off to a new company, Patriot Media, which was subsequently sold to Comcast in 2007. The owners of Patriot Media were later tapped to oversee RCN and Grande under ABRY Partners as Patriot Media Consulting.