How much does it cost to go to the wildlife sanctuary in Colorado?

How much does it cost to go to the wildlife sanctuary in Colorado?

Adults (ages 13 to 69) – $50 per adult. Seniors (ages 70+) – $20 per adult. Children (ages 3 to 12) – $30 per child. Children (0-2) – No entry fee.

How much does it cost to go to the Wild Animal Sanctuary?

– The Wild Animal Sanctuary, which is a facility for abused, abandoned and confiscated wildlife, used to cost $15 for entry. However, they recently increased prices to $50 a person per visit.

Who owns the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado?

Pat Craig
Pat Craig, the owner of the Wild Animal Sanctuary, says 14 of the 35 animals were brought in in January. He said those 14 were mostly mothers and cubs that needed immediate attention. Of the 68 protected big cats — 46 were tigers, 15 were lion-tiger hybrids and seven were lions.

Where are Joe exotics cats now?

Exotic’s remaining tigers and other animals were eventually moved to a sanctuary in Colorado. Speaking to Netflix, Tiger King director Rebecca Chaiklin praised the sanctuary Exotic’s animals are now looked after, but ultimately believes they belong in the wild.

Is the wild animal sanctuary closing?

Most definitely not. The Wild Animal Sanctuary will continue to operate as it always has in our current location—educating the public about the Captive Wildlife Crisis and caring for the nearly-550 animals living there.

How many animals are at the Wild Animal Sanctuary?

The Wild Animal Sanctuary/Number of animals

Does Colorado have a zoo?

Colorado Springs is home to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, voted #4 Best Zoo in North America in 2021’s USA TODAY 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards. ”America’s mountain Zoo,” starts at an elevation of 6,714 feet above sea level. …

Who is Pat Craig?

Pat Craig rescues lions, bears, and other large carnivores from horrific lives in illegal roadside zoos, including “Tiger King” Joe Exotic’s Oklahoma animal park. Craig talks about his sanctuary, which cares for more than 500 animals and sees 150,000 visitors a year.

Are sanctuaries good for animals?

“Sanctuaries should be a place for animals to retire. The animals should be respected, and not treated as a prop or an object.” Accrediting bodies like the GFAS and the ASA recommend that enclosures be roomy, with plenty of species-suitable objects for the animals to interact with.

Where is Tim Stark now?

Tim is a zoo owner and an animal breeder. The reality star owned a non-profit organisation called Wildlife in Need in Charlestown, Indiana.

What is the wild animal sanctuary?

The Wild Animal Sanctuary currently operates two sites within Colorado totaling more than ten thousand acres. We rescue animals from horrific captive situations and rehabilitate them so they can live and roam freely within large natural habitats with others of their own kind.

How do I donate to the wild animal sanctuary of Colorado?

Enter The Wild Animal Sanctuary and our registration number #20023003001 in the Donate to Colorado Nonprofit Fund line on your state income tax return, tax software, or give this information to your tax preparer when you share your documents. Additional information can be found at This opens in a new window.

Can you help the animals at the animal sanctuary?

Every Lion, Tiger, Bear, Wolf and other animal living at the Sanctuary was rescued from an illegal or abusive situation and desperately needs your help to survive. Visiting the Sanctuary is a privilege, and requires a serious commitment by people in order to be part of the solution to the Captive Wildlife Crisis.

What are the hours of the wild animal sanctuary?

DAYS: The Wild Animal Sanctuary is open daily for visitors except for: HOURS: Our Sanctuary is open from 9:00 AM to Sunset each day. For specific sunset times please go to bottom of page or click here *Note – NO DOGS ALLOWED (including service dogs) on the property at any time, even in your car.