How much does it cost to give birth at Fabella Hospital?

How much does it cost to give birth at Fabella Hospital?

Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital has been a maternity hospital for 75 years. It averages 90 deliveries a day. Its fees are P200-P500 for a normal delivery and P800-P2000 for a cesarean section. Patients pay what they can and pay the balance when they can.

How much is the SISH procedure in the Philippines?

Ultrasound Procedure

Regular Procedures:
SISH 350.00
Expanded Newborn Screening (ENBS) Test
Patient with Philhealth 950.00
Patient without Philhealth 1, 500.00

How much is endometrial biopsy in the Philippines?


Endometrial Biopsy
Service 500.00
Pay 800.00

What city is Fabella Hospital?

Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital
Location Lope de Vega Street, Santa Cruz, Manila, Philippines
Coordinates 14°36′22″N 120°59′03″ECoordinates: 14°36′22″N 120°59′03″E
Type Specialist

Why is Philippines called baby factory?

Several mothers and their babies share one bed inside Fabella Hospital’s busy maternity ward. More mothers and newborns arrive every half hour or so. It’s so busy here that Filipinos commonly refer to this hospital as the “baby factory.”

How much is normal delivery in Philippines?

Average costs of delivering a baby in the Philippines

Baby delivery medical procedures in the Philippines Average cost without insurance (PHP)
Birth and delivery in the hospital ₱15,000 – ₱100,000
Cesarean section in the hospital ₱80,000 – ₱170,000
Home birth and delivery with midwife Discouraged

Does SIS procedure hurt?

Unfortunately, SIS may cause pain and discomfort depending on the technique and methods of anesthesia. Grasping the cervix with a tenaculum, movement of cannulas in the uterus, and distention of the uterine cavity with saline may cause pain in the procedure.

What is the difference between HSG and Sis?

The purpose of the HSG is to determine whether the fallopian tubes are open and the uterine contour is normal. The SIS evaluates the inside layer of the uterine cavity.

How painful is an endometrial biopsy?

Women vary in the degree of discomfort that they feel. Most people have mild to moderate cramping. Some women have severe cramping during the procedure. The cramping will lessen shortly after the biopsy is finished.

Who is the owner of Fabella Hospital?

Jose Fabella
Jose Fabella, then the Chairman of the Public Welfare Board founded a six (6) bed maternity clinic called ‘the Maternity house’ which was originally located at Isabel St. Sampaloc, Manila.

Is Metro Manila a province?

Unlike other administrative regions in the Philippines, Metro Manila is not composed of provinces. Instead, the region is divided into four geographic areas called “districts.”

Is the prevalence of Fabella unique in the human body?

Using data from two other systematic reviews, we found no increase in prevalence rates of 10 other sesamoid bones in the human body, indicating that the increase in fabella prevalence rate is unique.

Where will the fabella hospital be?

According to the plan, the Fabella Hospital (maternity and child care) will be located side by side with Jose Reyes Medical Center (a highly populated hospital specializing in general hospital surgery and internal medicine) and San Lazaro Hospital (infectious disease control hospital) in the DOH compound in Tayuman, Manila.

Why the privatization of Fabella Hospital is a bad idea?

The impending privatization of the Fabella Hospital is only the latest blow against poor mothers from a government that has a bad record of ensuring maternal health. Maternal mortality and universal access to reproductive health have deteriorated in the Philippines in the last 15 years.

What is the history of Fabella Lung Center of the Philippines?

November 6, 2009: The Lung Center of the Philippines (LCP) and Fabella entered into a usufruct agreement of a 121,463 square meter lot for the transfer of Fabella at the LCP compound. 2012: The 3-storey Satellite Outpatient Department building costing P 47.2 million was completed at the LCP compound.