How much does it cost to get a Range Rover serviced?

How much does it cost to get a Range Rover serviced?

Expect to pay around $5,000 per year for maintenance costs and nearly $4,500 in repairs. The Classic version costs a little bit less with the average annual maintenance cost sitting around $4,500 and repairs closer to $4,000.

What is included in a Range Rover service?

15,000-Mile Service for Range Rover The standard maintenance recommendation on all Land Rover model at 15,000 miles includes replacements of the crankcase oil filter and cabin air filter, as well as checking the: Hood latch assembly and door checks. Parking brake and brake system. Power steering system fluid levels.

How much does a Range Rover oil change cost?

How much is an oil change on a Land Rover? The short answer is that it depends, but normally runs between $330 and $345. The typical Land Rover oil change cost is rolled into the scheduled maintenance of your vehicle.

Is maintenance included in a Range Rover lease?

You make a down-payment and pay a monthly fee, just as you would if you were financing. However, the down-payment you make is lower when you lease, and your factory warranty covers the cost of typical maintenance issues that arise when you’re buying to own.

What does Range Rover service include?

How do I check my Range Rover service?

2017 Range Rover Details of the next service interval can be found in the Vehicle Information instrument panel menu. See INSTRUMENT PANEL MENU. The service interval is displayed in the message center, as either a distance or the time left until the service is due.

Is there a Land Rover dealership in Florida?

Welcome to Land Rover Orlando, a proud member of the Fields Auto Group, which has been selling luxury automobiles since 1971. Located in Central Florida, Land Rover Orlando serves Oviedo, Kissimmee, Winter Park and Windermere. When you visit our Florida new and pre-owned car dealership, your satisfaction is our primary concern.

Why buy at North Central Florida Land Rover Ocala?

North Central Florida can now count on a proven customer service leader – Land Rover Ocala. We offer a complete Inventory of New Land Rover Models, an impressive array of Pre-Owned Vehicles and expert auto repair. Our dealership also features the sort of premium customer amenities that Land Rover Customers expect.

Where are the Morgan Group’s Land Rover dealerships?

The Morgan Group has 34 dealerships throughout Florida, everywhere from New Port Richey to Brandon. Drivers from The Villages, Ocala, Lady Lake, Leesburg and across North Central Florida are invited to make us their Land Rover headquarters. Stop in for a test drive today.

Do I need to be a current Land Rover Owner?

You don’t have to be a current Land Rover SUV owner to enjoy the benefits of our dealership, and it pays to be educated on all the services we house under one roof.