How much does it cost to get a Nigerian passport?

How much does it cost to get a Nigerian passport?

For instance, the official price for a 64-page Nigerian passport with 10-year validity period is N70,000, while that with five years validity is N35,000. Applicants for the new 32-page passport with a five-year validity period are to pay N25,000.

How do I apply for a Nigerian passport in Ireland?

(The requirements are as follows): Photocopy of applicant’s Birth Certificate or Age Declaration. Local Government of origin certificate. Photocopy of the (old) Nigerian MRP Passport data page. (Please include photocopy of ANY OBSERVATION Page.)

How much is renewal of Nigerian international passport?

If you want to renew your Nigerian International passport, you would be required to present the following documents in person at the immigration office. As announced by the Federal government, the new cost of renewing the passport in Nigeria is N70,000.

How much is Nigeria passport in Roma?


1. 32 Page Booklet Adult – $106.00 Minor – $77.00
2. 64 Page Booklet $137.00

How much is Nigeria international passport?


32 pages 64 pages
Minor(0 to 17 years old) $77.00 $137.00
Adult (18 to 59 years old) 106.00 $137.00
Senior (60 and above) $77.00 $137.00

What type of passport does Nigeria use?

Nigerian passports are issued to Nigerian citizens to travel outside of Nigeria. Nigeria now offers only electronic passports for new passport applications. These electronic passports, known also as the e-passport, are classified as either “Standard” or “Official”, depending on intended use.

How much is visa from Nigeria to Ireland?

Visa costs

Type Cost
Single-entry tourist visa ₦24,000 (€60)
Multiple-entry tourist visa ₦40,000 (€100)

Can Nigeria travel to Ireland now?

Travelers are allowed to enter Ireland. Please check the documentation, quarantine, and/or testing requirements before traveling.

Does Nigeria international passport expire?

After many years of debates, appeal and criticism of the way Nigeria international passport was harshly pegged to five years without an option of an extension or renewal, Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari has approved the validity period of Nigeria International passport, therefore, the validity of Nigeria passport …

How much is e passport in Nigeria?

How many types of passport does Nigeria have?

5 different passport types
There are 5 different passport types. Standard, Diplomatic, Official, Seamans, Pilgrims.

How much is the visa administrative fee for Nigeria to Ireland?

Fifty Euros (€50.00) Visa Administrative Fee in Postal Order obtained from An Post Ireland payable to the Embassy of Nigeria Dublin. NON-EU HOLDERS MUST SUBMIT EVIDENCE OF LEGAL STAY OR RESIDENCE IN THE IRELAND.

How much is the cost of a Nigerian passport?

The cost of 32-page five-year standard passport price is ₦25,000; 64-page five-year standard passport costs ₦35,00; 64-page 10-year standard passport price is ₦70,000; and 32-page five-year official passport costs ₦15,000.

How to apply for an e-passport in Nigeria?

Note: To start your E-Passport application, click on the button below; You will be re-directed to the Nigerian Immigration Service Website. Note: All administrative fees are made payable to the Embassy of Nigeria, Dublin in form of Postal Orders only.

When will New Nigerian passport be issued?

The Nigeria Immigration Service says it will commence issuance of new passport in the Federal Capital Territory from December 4, 2021. The new e-passport was officially launched by President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday, December 16.