How much does an ultrasound cost in China?

How much does an ultrasound cost in China?

Anyone with an ultrasound machine and a ob-gyn textbook can get into the baby-scanning business. The gang profiled in the news report carried out ultrasounds, with the option of aborting then and there, in a minivan. Ultrasounds cost 800-1,200 yuan ($128-$193) and abortions cost 3,800 yuan.

How much does an ultrasound machine cost?

The cost of an ultrasound machine varies greatly based on what you need it for. Most new cart-based machines tend to fall in the $20,000 to $75,000 range. Laptop, used or refurbished machines will usually be priced at around $5,000 to $40,000.

What is the name of the machine used for ultrasound?

The most commonly used machine is a transabdominal machine which utilizes a transducer to send out high-frequency sound waves that bounce off of structures inside the body. Two-dimensional images are then created as the signal is received by the transducer.

How much is an ultrasound at Chinese General Hospital?

Ultrasound Cost in Chinese General Hospital Usually, the price of ultrasound starts from Php 600. However, some more advanced ultrasounds like those for the thyroid may be more expensive reaching up to 2,000 pesos or more.

How do I make an appointment at Chinese General Hospital?

For Inquiries For admission, room reservation, or doctor’s inquiry, call 8711-4141 loc. 234, 223, or 222.

What is the best ultrasound machine for a medical office?

The Aloka ProSound Alpha 6 ultrasound equipment by Hitachi would make an excellent addition to the diagnostic care of your medical office. The Aloka ProSound 3500SX is an awesome ultrasound machine, not just for patients but also for doctors.

What is digital ultrasound equipment?

This ultrasound equipment ensures the best image quality and high operational efficiency. With a variety of advanced features and easy to use functions, this revolutionary digital ultrasound machine initiates a new high-quality imaging environment.

Is an ultrasound machine necessary?

An ultrasound machine is an absolute necessity for some medical offices and certain specializations, and be a great value-added asset for many other doctors in a wide range of practice areas.

What is the hd11 Xe ultrasound machine?

If your medical office need to o expand its clinical needs, the HD11 XE ultrasound machine is a complete, digital imaging system that delivers high-definition imaging and ease-of-use in a compact, and reliable package. The HD11 XE is just what you need hospitals, doctors’ offices, local clinics, or specialized healthcare practices.