How much does a subway trip cost in Korea?

How much does a subway trip cost in Korea?

Seoul residents use cards known as Multiple Journey Transportation Cards (or T-money cards) to pay for subway rides, with fares starting at 1,350 won (about $1.20) for the first 10 kilometers of travel. T-money cards cost 2,500 ($2.24) won for the card; fares for 10 kilometers traveled cost 1,250 won ($1.12).

How do you pay for subway in Seoul?

There are two ways to pay for your subway fare: by cash or by T-Money Card. If using cash, you’ll need to purchase single-journey tickets for every ride you take. If you’re planning on using the subway fewer than five times, use the cash option. Otherwise, it’s recommended that you purchase a T-Money Card.

How many stations are there in Seoul subway?

302 stations
The subway has 302 stations, serving millions of passengers every day. The lines are operated by four companies – Seoul Metropolitan Subway (Seoul Metro), Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit (SMRT), Korail (Korea National Railroad) and Metro 9.

How much is subway ticket in Seoul?

Subway Routes & Map

Passenger Tmoney (KRW) Ticket (KRW)
Regular (19 years & up) 1,250 1,350
Teenagers (13-18 years) 720 1,350
Children (6-12 years) 450 450

Is public transport free in Korea?

In Korea the subway system fare is proportional to the distance. The basic fare for adults is 1,250 won. It costs 720 won for teenagers and 450 won for children. This basic fare applies to a distance within 10 kilometers.

Is taxi expensive in Seoul?

And people with small budgets may rule out taxis altogether when traveling. But taxis in Korea are quite affordable, and even if you’re on a tight budget, it might be cheaper to take a taxi. Subway/bus fares in Seoul start at 1050 won, and taxi fares start at 3000 won.

Does T-Money expire?

T-Money cards have no expiration date and the unused balance will remain on your card until the entire amount is used up. You can receive a refund for the balance on your card at convenience stores like GS25 that charges KRW 500 (RM 1.43) fee and the card price of KRW 2,500 is not refundable.

Do they speak English in South Korea?

To be clear, Korea’s official language is Korean but English language is being taught in schools so about 58% Koreans can speak English. Pidgin English is generally spoken but it is not yet an official language. It is a primarily spoken language, there is no standardized written form, and many local varieties exist.