How much does a Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk cost?

How much does a Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk cost?

The unit cost of the H-60 models varies due to differences in specifications, equipment and quantities. For example, the unit cost of the Army’s UH-60L Black Hawk is $5.9 million while the unit cost of the Air Force HH-60G Pave Hawk is $10.2 million.

Is a UH-60 a Blackhawk?

UH-60M is the latest variant in the Black Hawk family of helicopters. UH-60 Black Hawk is a multi-mission helicopter developed by Sikorsky that has been operational in the US Army since 1978.

What does UH-60 stand for?

utility tactical transport helicopter
The Black Hawk (UH-60) is the Army’s utility tactical transport helicopter. The versatile Black Hawk has enhanced the overall mobility of the Army due to dramatic improvements in troop capacity and cargo lift capability.

Can civilians buy Black Hawk?

As a Lockheed Martin company, Sikorsky can now offer international customers via direct commercial sale a BLACK HAWK helicopter integrated with guns, rockets and missiles.

Are Blackhawks armored?

Both the pilot and co-pilot are provided with armor-protective seats. Protective armor on the Black Hawk can withstand hits from 23mm shells. The Black Hawk has a cargo hook for external lift missions.

Can a Black Hawk fly on one engine?

The Black Hawk is capable of flying on one engine. The first UH-60L was delivered in November 1989. Over 600 have been delivered since 2006, and production is expected to continue until the UH-60L line is replaced by new production UH-60M aircraft.

How long does it take for a Blackhawk to start?

First of all, to enter your helicopter, you will need to get near the left pilot’s seat and press F when you see an option to “fly helicopter” . Then press J to start the engines. Your helicopter will then begin to start up. This process takes about 10 seconds, but can vary depending on the type.

How do you start a helicopter in Arma 3?

Helicopters Take-off Start the engine by pressing [Left Shift]. Hold [Left Shift] to increase throttle and gain altitude. Hold [Z] to decrease throttle and lose altitude. Maneuver the helicopter sideways with [A] and [D].