How much does a plot cost at Fawkner cemetery?

How much does a plot cost at Fawkner cemetery?

Burial Plot Cost – Melbourne, Victoria

Cemetery Lawn Burial Plot Monumental Burial Plot
Altona Memorial Park $2,620 (perpetual term) $9,385 (perpetual term)
Fawkner Memorial Park $3,815 $5,815
Lilydale Memorial Park $2,630 $4,150
Springvale Botanical Cemetery $3,055 $15,515*

How do I find where someone is buried in Victoria?

there is a Cemetery Search page on the Department of Health and Human Services website that lists contact details for cemetery trusts. you can also consult genealogical websites such as ‘Find a Grave’ which collect cemetery records and gravestone photographs.

How many people are buried at Fawkner cemetery?

352,000 burials
This is Australia’s largest cemetery with over 352,000 burials.

Do you have to buy a plot to be buried?

Typically, you cannot buy a plot. Instead you buy the right to say who is buried there in a form of lease agreement known as the Exclusive Right of Burial.

What is the biggest cemetery in Victoria?

Fawkner Memorial Park
Fawkner Memorial Park is located in the north-western Melbourne suburb of Fawkner, Victoria, Australia. It is the largest cemetery by land size in the state, and managed by Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust.

Are dogs allowed in Fawkner cemetery?

Cemeteries as open public spaces dog walking, jogging, cycling and exercise. coffee catch-ups with family and friends. guided and self-guided historical tours. family history and genealogy research.

Where is the Fawkner Memorial Park in Melbourne?

Established in 1906 and located in Melbourne’s north, Fawkner Memorial Park features extensive grounds, waterways and ornamental gardens, providing a range of settings for the burial and memorialisation of your loved ones.

When was the first burial at Fawkner Memorial Park?

The park opened in 1906 and the first burial took place on 10 December 1906. Fawkner Memorial Park has a rich history of leadership and innovation in the Victoria cemetery industry such as the inauguration of Victoria’s first modern crematorium in 1926 and the introduction of grand public mausoleums in Australia.

Where is the largest cemetery in Australia?

Fawkner Crematorium & Memorial Park Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 1187 Sydney Road Fawkner Victoria 3060 (03) 9355 3118 Established 1906 as New Melbourne General Cemetery. This is Australia’s largest cemetery with over 352,000 burials.

How do I organise a cremation or a burial at Fawkner?

To organise a cremation or a burial service at the Fawkner Memorial Park or to purchase a position, get in touch with Russell Brothers. For further assistance, call 03 9585 1610.