How much does a brand new Bennington pontoon cost?

How much does a brand new Bennington pontoon cost?

Join the Family, for a limited time every 2020 Bennington’s SV series pontoon boat has special national, no haggle pricing starting at $16,087.

Do Bennington pontoons hold their value?

Some models can depreciate as much as 30% after a year from its purchase date. After five years, most cars will lose an estimated 60% of its purchase value. In a lot of ways, pontoon boats depreciate at a similar pace. So no, pontoon boats don’t really hold their value very well.

How much is pontoon worth?

The average cost of pontoon boats ranges from $15,000 to upwards of $175,000. The price will vary greatly depending on factors like size and accessories. We will break down how each choice may affect pricing below.

Why are Bennington boats so expensive?

But with such a basic design why are these boats so expensive? Pontoon boats are expensive because they are luxury boats. As they are made in the USA production costs are high. Demand is high for pontoon boats and there is a growing trend for them thus allowing manufacturers to ask for higher prices.

How much does a Bennington QX cost?

Pricing and Specs

Price: $293,799 (as tested)
LOA: 31′3″
Beam: 10′0″
Draft (max): 3′0″
Displacement: 5,423 lb.

Where are Bennington boats made?

Bennington pontoon boats are manufactured at the Elkhart company headquarters and manufacturing plant on 2805 Decio Drive, Elkhart, Indiana 46514.

Is Bennington pontoon a good boat?

Not only does Bennington build the highest quality boat in the industry, it’s backed up with the industry’s strongest warranty as well. With a lifetime structural and decking warranty and an additional 10-year warranty from bow-to-stern, Bennington boats will provide many years of carefree enjoyment.