How much do US Food drivers make?

How much do US Food drivers make?

The typical US Foods Delivery Driver salary is $24 per hour. Delivery Driver salaries at US Foods can range from $12 – $57 per hour.

Is US Foods a good company to work for?

60% of US Foods employees would recommend working there to a friend based on Glassdoor reviews. Employees also rated US Foods 2.9 out of 5 for work life balance, 3.3 for culture and values and 3.3 for career opportunities.

Do us foods get paid weekly?

Does US Food pay weekly? U.S. Foodservice prefers to pay its employees and staff on a weekly basis in addition to offering good vacancies at retail sites for entry-level positions.

How much does the CEO of US Foods make?

As the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of US Foods Corp, the total compensation of Pietro Satriano at US Foods Corp is $7,698,030.

How many hours do Sysco drivers work?

On average, how many hours do you work a day at Sysco? 8-10 hours a day average.

Is US Foods bigger than Sysco?

US Foods is the second largest broadline distributor behind Sysco, according to Technomic’s 2018 Power 50 U.S. Broadline Distributor Report. FSA is the ninth largest distributor on the ranking.

What is USF foods’ hiring policy?

US Foods will have the right to hire that applicant at its discretion without any fee owed to the submitting employment agency, person or entity.

Why work for US Foods®?

US Foods® drivers are essential to our distribution chain. We value integrity, reliability and customer relationship skills on our team. Come drive for us. US Foods® values all voices and is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace that is welcoming, respectful and engaging for all. Join our team.

Who owns the résumés submitted to US Foods?

Any employment agency, person or entity that submits a résumés into this career site or to a hiring manager does so with the understanding that the applicant’s résumés will become the property of US Foods.

How do I apply for US Foods placement fees?

Employment agencies that have fee agreements with US Foods and have been engaged on a search shall submit résumé to the designated US Foods recruiter or, upon US Foods authorization, submit résumé into this career site to be eligible for placement fees.