How much do Romanian AK-47 cost?

How much do Romanian AK-47 cost?

Reliable and powerful, and a bargain at about $500 each, the Romanian-made gun, a semiautomatic version of the iconic Kalashnikov assault weapon, had become popular with the drug cartels in Mexico.

Are Century Arms AKs good?

The author found the Century Arms VSKA to be an accurate and rattle-free AK-pattern rifle. While part of the AK’s legacy is the notion that they are indestructible, like any other mechanical device, they will have a breaking point. But 12,000 rounds is a lot to fire through a gun and experience no failures.

Are Romanian AKs stamped?

All Romanian manufactured AKs will feature a triangle stamped into the trunnion. Even more rare are variations to the triangle such as a curved bottom with the number “11” stamped inside, these are most likely manufactured by the Carfil Arsenal and were meant only for military use.

Are Romanian AK 47 any good?

Yes, on all counts. 1) there are less than 200 AK-47’s in this country. 2) the only guns that are good investments are NFA weapons. 3) the SAR line of Romanian rifles was at the upper end of their offerings. They are a solid Kalashnikov design. I have two and both have been flawless. Nicked, scratched and ugly, but flawless.

Is AK 47 still the best rifle?

1. WASR 10 The famous/infamous WASR 10 is manufactured in Romania and is probably the most readily available foreign AK-47 right now.

  • 3. Arsenal SAM Series And of course,we’ll throw in a milled version… Check out the Arsenal SAM series that will set you back about$300 more than the stamped
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  • How much does an AK 47 cost?

    The cost of an AK-47 can run anywhere form $150.00 USD in Afghanistan to several thousand in other countries. They range in quality and beauty greatly. Ive seen rifles that have literally been dragged behind a horse still used in combat, all the way up to solid gold works of art that would blow up if you ever used them.

    How many countries make AK 47?

    More than 20 countries currently produce the AK-47. China is the world’s largest producer of them. About 50 standing armies use the AK-47, including China, Egypt, Cuba, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Syria & Iran. From 2004-2005, the Pentagon lost track of about 110,000 AK-47 assault rifles in Iraq.