How much do dog groomers make in Arizona?

How much do dog groomers make in Arizona?

The average salary for a pet groomer is $21.41 per hour in Arizona.

Do you need a license to groom dogs in Arizona?

There aren’t specific state or federal requirements for becoming a dog groomer in Arizona. That’s why the best way to obtain all the necessary skills to work as a dog groomer is to complete a Pet Grooming Certificate program.

How much do mobile dog groomers make in AZ?

Average AZ Mobile Spaws Pet Groomer monthly pay in Arizona is approximately $4,584, which is 26% above the national average.

How long is a dog grooming course?

12-18 months
Time – 12-18 months The route that offers practical learning is completing a dog grooming apprenticeship. These are offered by both large pet retail and grooming chains and also small independents. In your apprenticeship, you’ll work alongside an experienced and professional groomer.

How many dogs can you groom in a day?

On the average day, a team of up to six groomers will treat at least 20 dogs, going up to 40 dogs near Christmas.

Can you make a living as a dog groomer?

In conclusion, when someone asks you if you can live off a professional dog groomer salary, the short answer is YES! There are plenty of full-time dog groomers out there with thriving, successful careers.

What equipment do you need to start a dog grooming business?

Necessary basic equipment for grooming businesses includes clippers, shears, scissors, brushes, shampoos, conditioners, sprays, dryers, nail clippers, ear cleaning products, bandanas, and bows. Salons also are usually equipped with washing machines, dryers, bathtubs, professional grooming tables, and cages.

How much can mobile groomers make?

The salaries of Mobile Pet Groomers in the US range from $17,160 to $34,780 , with a median salary of $21,010 . The middle 60% of Mobile Pet Groomers makes $21,010, with the top 80% making $34,780.

How do you become a dog groomer?

To be a successful pet groomer, you need to have a firm understanding of small animal anatomy and understand how the grooming standards vary for the different types of pets. If you are somebody who dreams of owning your own pet salon some day, you may consider doing a course in business management.