How much are the fees at Crawford College?

How much are the fees at Crawford College?

Tuition Fee N188,000 (Fee per session -200 Level to 500 Level) Crawford University Full Time Undergraduate School Fees. Recurring payments (such as debit orders) are required to streamline monthly fee collections.

How much is Crawford Sandton school fees?

Day schools – tuition only

School 2020 2021
St Mary’s, Waverly R151 470 R156 000
Cedarwood School New R155 591
St Alban’s College R150 600 R155 100
Crawford College Sandton R151 290 R153 710

Is Crawford a good school?

Crawford Sandton has achieved top academic results in the country and has repeatedly been awarded “Top Independent School” by the Gauteng Department of Education. Our students constantly achieve top academic results and we are proud to be a “Top Feeder School” to the University of the Witwatersrand yet again!

Is Crawford a boarding school?

Crawford Boarding provides boarding for male and female students in Grade 7 – 12. Students live and learn in a safe and secure ‘home-from-home’ environment. At Crawford Boarding, we aim to develop a real sense of community as our students enjoy a supported and guided, extended-family system.

How much is Bryanston high school fees?

Bryanston High School
School fees R41 200 – R43 200 (2020)
Feeder schools Bryanston Primary School Rivonia Primary School Sandton Primary School

How much is reddam school fees?

Each accepted applicant is sent a formal letter of acceptance with a request for payment of a once off, non-refundable Enrolment Fee of R15 000 for tuition enrolment; R20 000 for tuition and boarding enrolment. Once Reddam House is in receipt of this fee the applicant’s place at Reddam House is secure.

How old is Crawford Sandton?

Crawford International Sandton is nestled in the heart of Sandton. The campus was built over 23 years ago, and the classrooms, studios, laboratories, and centres all form part of our school’s beautiful architecture.

How much is Crawford school fees in South Africa?

Total: Shilling495,000 The first year of enrolment, the price would be Shilling569,500 due to additional one time fees (see details below). Fees for a 2 year old child.

Is Crawford a Cambridge school?

Cambridge Programme Crawford International| Private Boarding Schools.

How old is Benoni High School?

The foundation stone for the new school was laid by J.H. Hofmeyr in 1926 and the first classrooms were completed in 1933 with the new buildings being opened officially in April 1937. By 1961, there were over 1 000 children in the school and in 1967, plans were initiated for the present Benoni High School.

Where is @Crawford College – Sandton?

Crawford College – Sandton is an independent non subsidised school, located in Johannesburg town, Gauteng Province. For more information please see the school contacts below.

What is the cost of a Crawford education?

An underpinning value of a Crawford Education is education without fear. By implication this means that a positive and nurturing environment exists in our schools, where individuality and mutual respect are promoted. Read Less. Leadership: Ms. Lotje Smith (Principal) Annual Fees: ZAR 141,010 – 151,290 – See all fees.

Why choose Crawford College?

Their success at local universities as well as campuses such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Brown and Oxford indicate that they leave the College with the skills and knowledge to excel at the highest levels. Crawford’s dedication to excellence is an over-riding philosophy that permeates every aspect of our schools.