How many supermacs are there in Ireland in 2020?

How many supermacs are there in Ireland in 2020?

With over 100 restaurants throughout Ireland and aggressive expansion plans, Supermac’s is looking forward to an exciting future!

How much do supermacs make?

According to its latest accounts, Supermac’s (Holdings) Ltd saw its pretax profit decline by 6.7 per cent from €24.58 million to €22.93 million in 2020. The decline in profit followed revenue decreasing by a quarter from €189.4 million to €141.5 million.

Is supermacs just in Ireland?

Supermac’s is an Irish fast food restaurant chain first opened in 1978. The first restaurant was located in Ballinasloe, the largest town in County Galway in the West of Ireland. As of 2019 the chain consists of a total of 118 restaurants spread throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland….Supermac’s.

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Does Papa John’s own supermacs?

In 1984, John opened his first Papa John’s restaurant, and Papa John’s has been going strong ever since. Today, Supermac’s holds the master franchise for Papa John’s on the island of Ireland and to date has opened over 60 Papa John’s outlets within existing Supermac’s stores around the country.

Who are supermacs suppliers?

We will meet suppliers like Tom and Karen Kearney and Denis O Driscoll of Spice O’ Life in Dunmanway, Co Cork as well as Andy Mahon of Bandon Vale Cheese.

Who is the owner of supermacs?

Supermac’s Holdings Ltd
Supermac’s/Parent organizations

How much do supermacs pay an hour?

Supermacs Salary FAQs The average Supermacs salary ranges from approximately €36,796 per year for an Assistant Manager to €43,067 per year for a Manager. The average Supermacs hourly pay ranges from approximately €10 per hour for a General Assistant to €13 per hour for a Cashier.

How much did supermacs make in 2019?

Supermac’s (Holdings) Ltd recorded a 3% increase in pre-tax profits to €24.5m in 2019. This follows revenues rising by 10% from €172m to €189.4m.

When did supermacs open in Ireland?

The first Supermac’s opened its door in 1978 on Main Street, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway. Since that first opening Supermac’s restaurants have become a firm fixture in towns and cities around Ireland. Today Supermac’s is the largest indigenous fast food restaurant group with a policy of continued expansion and growth.

Where do supermacs get their meat from?

Irish farms
We work hard to let them know that our beef and chicken comes from Irish farms and supports Irish farm families. We still have some of the same suppliers that we had 35 years ago and that depth of relationship and the trust built up over the years is key to the success of our Fresh range.

Where do supermacs get their chicken?

We only source our fresh chicken from Irish farms! All Supermac’s meat products served at Supermac’s restaurants and Papa John’s pizza outlets are 100% traceable and are Irish farm assured. This includes our fresh chicken, which is sourced exclusively from Irish farms.

Why choose Supermac’s?

Supermac’s have received numerous awards throughout the years and is dedicated to employing the highest hygiene, quality and work practice standards across the business. Supermac’s restaurants have been nominated for and have won excellent Irish Quality Association awards in 2005 and 2006.

What is the work environment and culture like at Supermacs?

Supermacs is a very fast paced working environment. Having experienced working in a few different Supermacs locations, although some were very pleasant and motivating, the majority of the management staff I witnessed were mostly extremely rude and intimidating to certain staff there and made it a very difficult place to work for them.

What kind of fries does Supermac have?

Supermac’s golden fries covered in a creamy taco sauce with taco mince topped with grated cheddar cheese. Supermac’s golden fries covered in creamy garlic mayo topped with grated cheddar cheese. Supermac’s golden fries, covered in grated cheddar cheese. Cold and refreshing soft drink. Available at all stores.

Are Supermac’s burgers cooked fresh or frozen?

ALWAYS cooked fresh to order and NEVER frozen. The NEW Supermac’s 5oz Burger made with 100% Fresh Premium Irish Beef, 2 fresh cooked to order patties NEVER frozen, on a light Brioche Bun. Choose from either a plain 5oz Burger or the 5oz Bacon & Cheese.