How many subscribers does Consumer Reports have?

How many subscribers does Consumer Reports have?

Consumer Reports is a nonprofit and claims to have over six million members and subscribers of its print and online publications.

Do Consumer Reports magazine subscribers get online access?

When you subscribe, you’ll get unlimited access to articles, as well as videos, slideshows, and other multimedia features—on the website, on the mobile site, and on our smartphone apps.

Is Consumers Health Report legitimate?

CR On Health has been a reliable source of information. We jokingly say each time we receive an issue that it appears they have written it just for us, as it always seems to address questions or concerns we have.

WHO publishes Consumer Reports on Health?


Consumer Reports cover dated November 2016
Editor-in-Chief Diane Salvatore
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 3,800,000
Publisher Consumer Reports

How much does a subscription to Consumer Reports Cost?

Digital membership includes unlimited access to ratings and reviews for 8,500+ products and services including cars, appliances, and electronics….No fake reviews. No advertising. We buy everything we test. 100% unbiased for over 80 years.

Digital Monthly Digital Annual All Access
$10 / mo $39 / yr $59 / yr

Does Consumer Reports still publish a magazine?

Join Consumer Reports with a Print membership to get the latest ratings and reviews plus rigorous reporting on issues that impact consumers. You’ll receive 13 issues of Consumer Reports magazine per year, including the annual Auto Issue and Buying Guide. The Kindle Edition of this magazine includes Page View.

Where does Consumer Reports get their information?

Where Is the Data From? Consumer Reports obtains its reliability data from the Auto Surveys sent to Consumer Reports members each year. In all, we received responses on over 300,000 vehicles in our 2021 surveys, detailing 2000 to 2021 models.

Can you subscribe to Consumer Reports online only?

Is membership to Consumer Reports worth it?

If you use it, it’s certainly worth the $30-$40 bucks a year it costs, plus the buyers guides and convenient online access it now provides. I have to say, I once found their ratings infallible and truthfully, I have never been burned by following them.

Does Consumer Reports print subscription include online access?

Print Membership / Magazine Do those with a Print membership get digital access to ratings and reviews through Members with Print membership do not automatically receive access to digital ratings and reviews on

What is Consumer Reports customer service phone number?

The phone number for Consumer Reports customer service is 1-800-333-0663. The hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST and Saturday 9:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST.

What does a consumer report do?

A consumer report is a collection of documents that may include credit reports, criminal and other public records such as bankruptcy filings, and records of civil court procedures and judgments. Increasingly, these records also include your activity on social media, such as Twitter and Facebook.

What are Consumer Reports on Health magazine?

Consumer Reports on Health is a healthy living magazine providing expert, unbiased reporting on how to live healthier, longer . Discover what works — and what doesn’t — from prescription drugs and alternative therapies, to disease prevention and nutrition. Get all the health and medical news from a name you can trust, with no outside advertising.

What is a consumer report index?

The Consumer Price Index is a comprehensive report on prices in the United States. It contains national, regional, and local data broken down into population subgroups.