How many students attend McNally?

How many students attend McNally?


McNally High School
Enrollment 1050 (2016)
Language English
Colour(s) Orange and Black
Mascot The Tiger (Roary)

How many high schools are there in Edmonton?

Total Number of Schools 212
Senior High Schools 15
Other Educational Services 7
Educational Programs in an Institution 12

How old is Bishop McNally?

Bishop McNally High School is a part of the Calgary Catholic School District in Calgary, Alberta, Canada….

Bishop McNally High School
Established 1994
School board Calgary Catholic School District
Principal Monique Baker (2016-present)

When was bishop McNally built?

Bishop McNally High School/Founded
Founded in 1994, Bishop McNally High School is located in Calgary which is the largest city in the province of Alberta nestled in the Foothills of Canada’s Rocky Mountains and has many beautiful parks and rivers.

How many students go to Harry Ainlay high school?

Harry Ainlay School/Number of students

When was Lillian Osborne built?

Lillian Osborne High School/Founded

What is the biggest high school in Edmonton?

The school has an enrollment of 2,889 students, making it the largest high school by student population in Alberta as of September 2019 ….From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Harry Ainlay High School
Established 1966
School board Edmonton Public Schools
Superintendent Darrel Robertson
Area trustee Michael Janz

Which high school has the most students in Edmonton?

Harry Ainlay High School
Edmonton’s largest high school feeling the crunch Harry Ainlay High School, across the Whitemud from Southgate Centre, is the largest high school in Edmonton. With around 2,600 students enrolled, it is at 96 per cent capacity and it added 200 students to its population in the last year alone.

Who was the first principal of Bishop McNally?

The school is named after John Thomas McNally, founder of the diocese who was appointed Bishop of Calgary from 1913 to 1924….

Bishop McNally High School
Principal (Vice Principals) Joe MacIssac, Kevin Warriner & Kim Praznik-Soloman
Staff 104
Grades 10-12
Enrollment 1300

What is the largest school in Edmonton?