How many people disappeared in the Bennington Triangle?

How many people disappeared in the Bennington Triangle?

five people disappeared
Between 1945 and 1950, five people disappeared in the Bennington area. The first occurred on November 12, 1945 when 74-year-old Middie Rivers disappeared while out hunting. Rivers was guiding a group of four hunters up the mountains. On the way back, Rivers got ahead of the group, and was never seen again.

Where is Bennington Triangle?

The Bennington Triangle, centered around Glastenbury Mountain in Vermont, has long been known for strange events, including UFO activity, bigfoot sightings, strange lights and sounds, and the location where five people disappeared in the 1940s and 1950s.

What is the Michigan Triangle?

Similar to the Bermuda Triangle, the Lake Michigan Triangle is an area between Manitowoc in Wisconsin and Ludington and Benton Harbor in Michigan where ships and airplanes have vanished and people have reported seeing strange flashes of light or ghostly apparitions.

How many missing persons are never found?

But California’s rate of missing persons is fairly average, at 5.4 missing persons per 100,000 people….Missing Persons by State 2021.

State Total Missing
California 2,133
Florida 1,252
Texas 1,246
Arizona 915

Are there any pyramids in Michigan?

North of town next to the Cairn Highway is a stone pyramid also known as a cairn. Gray “Dean of Michigan’s Tourist Activity.” The cairn was built in 1938 using stones from all of Michigan’s 83 counties with their name inscribed on the stone.

Did they ever find Brandon Swanson?

Unfortunately, no trace of the missing man was ever found. As reported by The True Crime Files, the search dogs led their handlers to the edge of Yellow Medicine River, which caused authorities to conclude that Swanson likely fell into the water.

What happened to Brian Shaffer?

Shaffer has been missing since April 1, 2006. He was last seen around 2 a.m. at a bar near The Ohio State University campus in the vicinity of North High Street. He was last seen wearing jeans, a blue or green striped shirt and tennis shoes. Shaffer was 27 years old when he went missing and would be now in his 40s.

Is there a Bigfoot on Glastenbury Mountain?

The stretch of woodlands around Glastenbury Mountain includes the towns of Bennington, Woodford, and Shaftsbury, as well as the ghost towns of Somerset and Glastenbury. For more than two centuries, there have been numerous sightings of a bigfoot-like creature in the Glastenbury Mountain area which became known as “The Bennington Monster.”

Where is Glastenbury Mountain?

The site of a ghost town which was lost at the turn of the century, mysterious Glastenbury Mountain is located just outside of Bennington, Vermont. The vast wilderness is host to many legends, among them tales of a “man-eating” rock and several Bigfoot sightings.

Is the Bennington monster actually the Glastenbury wild man?

Shortly after, whatever had attacked them had became dubbed as The Bennington Monster. Another interesting theory suggests that the Bennington Monster is actually the horrifying transformation of the Glastenbury Wild Man.

Is there a creature in Glastenbury NH?

Later sightings described the creature as a large, hairy, black thing standing over six feet tall. There have long been stories of people going missing in the area, including a man named Carol Herrick in 1943. Herrick went missing during a hunting trip about 10 miles northeast of the ghost town of Glastenbury.