How many passengers can a Sikorsky S 76b carry?

How many passengers can a Sikorsky S 76b carry?

Capacity: S-76 helicopters can be set up to carry as many as 12 or 13 passengers and one or two pilots, but luxury passenger versions like the one that crashed on Sunday are often configured with fewer, more comfortable seats. The operator’s website said its S-76 helicopters accommodate up to nine passengers.

How many Sikorsky S-76 have crashed?

There have been seven fatal crashes, killing 33 – not including the January 2020 tragedy – according to a database maintained by the Aviation Safety Network.

How much is a Sikorsky S 76b?

Sikorsky S-76B Specs

Price New $7.5M
Year Started 1985
Year Ended 1997

Why was Sikorsky in helicopters?

Many, Sikorsky included, hoped that the helicopter might become a vehicle for personal travel, as commonplace as the automobile. But the advanced skill required to fly a helicopter kept it from becoming a family vehicle.

Does Sikorsky make the Blackhawk?

As a Lockheed Martin company, Sikorsky can now offer international customers via direct commercial sale a BLACK HAWK helicopter integrated with guns, rockets and missiles.

How far can a Sikorsky helicopter fly?

The Sikorsky S92 helicopter, which is a larger model, is able to fly at 160 miles per hour for more than 600 miles.

How many engines does a Sikorsky S-76 have?

Sikorsky S-76C+ Model Upgrades to S-76C++ Certified upgrade to meet the full TCOS specification – S-76 is equipped with two aerial 2S2 engines.

How much is a new Sikorsky?

Sikorsky S-76D Specs

Price New $15M
Year Started 2013
Year Ended In Production

Why did Sikorsky leave Russia?

After the Bolshevik revolution began in 1917, Igor Sikorsky fled his homeland, because the new government threatened to shoot him. He moved to France where he was offered a contract for the design of a new, more powerful Muromets-type plane.

When was the first Sikorsky helicopter made?

On May 14, 1958 Sikorsky unveiled for its first flight the S-62 – the forerunner of an entirely new generation of production turbocopters. The S-62 was developed with Company funding on speculation with no firm orders or deposits on hand. The S-62 was the world’s first true amphibious helicopter.

What is an HH-52 helicopter used for?

Originally developed as a commercial venture by the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation of Stratford, Connecticut, it was used by the United States Coast Guard primarily for air-sea rescue. The HH-52 has been replaced by non-amphibious types such as the HH-65 Dolphin, which rely solely on the use of a winch from a low hover to conduct rescue operations.

What is an S-62 helicopter?

The S-62 was the world’s first true amphibious helicopter. Equipped with a flying boat hull and powered by a single gas turbine engine (CT58-110-1 (1050 shaft horsepower (SHP) derated to 670 SHP) the S-62 operates from land, water, snow, ice, mud, swamp, and tundra.

What is an HH-52 Seaguard?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Sikorsky HH-52 Seaguard (company designation S-62) was a single turbine engine, three-blade rotor amphibious helicopter.