How many miles will a Vito engine do?

How many miles will a Vito engine do?

“Our experience has proved that a properly maintained Vito can be relied upon to run for a million miles and more without serious trouble.

What is the best Mercedes Vito model?

All figures for the Vito quoted by Mercedes are produced under WLTP test conditions, and the most efficient model is the rear-drive 2.0-litre diesel 114 CDI Premium in the L1 body style fitted with the 9G-Tronic auto, which has a quoted combined figure of 39.8mpg.

How much weight can a Vito carry?

Maximum payload rating for the Vito L1 is 1,029kg. Maximum payload rating for the Vito L2 is 1,002kg. Maximum payload rating for the Vito L3 is 967kg. To reach the maximum payload you’ll need the lowest trim level – Pure – and the highest gross vehicle weight (GVW) rating, which is 3,050kg (3.05 tonnes).

How big is the back of a Vito?

Vito Door Sizes The rear door is 1391mm wide and 1261mm high and is often specified as a tailgate, which is unusual for a cargo van.

How many miles should a Mercedes Vito do?

If it’s been looked after and all the belts done when they’re meant to be, it should be good for well over 200k.

How long is a long wheel base Vito?

Mercedes-Benz Vito Panel Van Dimensions

Length 4,895mm
Height (unladen) 1,910mm
Width (inc.wing mirrors) 2,249mm
Cargo volume 5.5m3

How many miles to the gallon does a Mercedes Vito do?

Everyday costs, plus how reliable and safe it is The 116 CDI model is the most economical option with official fuel consumption of 49.6mpg, while the 111 CDI we recommend returns a still highly commendable 45.6mpg.

What length is LWB Vito?

Mercedes / Vito

Vito 115 CDI Long
Overall length (mm) 4993
Overall height (mm) 1902
Overall width (mm) 1901
Wheelbase (mm) 3200

What kind of Van is a Mercedes-Benz Vito?

A low load sill helps further, while the load floor has a protective wood covering and load securing rings set into the floor. A popular and robust van, the Mercedes-Benz Vito was produced in W693 form between 2003 and 2015 and provides car-like driving dynamics, decent running costs and a capacious load space.

How good is the Vito on the motorway?

On a happier note, the Vito offers good forward and side vision for manoeuvring and changing lane on the motorway. Rear parking sensors are an optional extra and you can also choose satellite navigation from the extras list.

What makes the Fiat Vito so special?

The Vito’s cab is a hushed place to while away any journey thanks to superb insulation from road, wind and engine noise. It also gives a good view forwards and to the sides, while rear parking sensors are an option to help in tighter spots.

Is the Toyota Vito V6 a good towing Van?

Even so, the Vito 3.0-litre V6 makes short work of towing and is a great choice for those using its 1125kg maximum payload to the full on a regular basis. Fun and spirited though the V6 is, the vast majority of Vito vans leave the showroom with the 2.1-litre CDI.