How many light fighters do you need for a moon ogame?

How many light fighters do you need for a moon ogame?

1667 light fighters
Each 100k debris gives a 1% chance of producing a moon, up to a maximum of a 20% chance with 2M debris. The most used way to generate the debris is to crash a fleet of light fighters; 84 destroyed light fighters is 1%, and 1667 light fighters is 20%.

How do you get a moon in ogame?

You can get a moon if some ships, yours or the ships of another player are destroyed near your planet. For the worst case, that means you haven’t saved your fleet or you have saved it wrong and an enemy has destroyed it – at this point you can get a moon with a little luck as consolation.

How does combat work in ogame?

Each combat can have 3 outcomes: attacker wins, draw, and defender wins; Each combat is organized in rounds. There are at most 6 rounds, which means that if the attacker is not able to destroy all the defender’s units in 6 rounds, the combat ends with a draw.

How do you destroy the moon in ogame?

Destroying. A moon can be destroyed by a fleet of Deathstars.

How do you destroy a moon in ogame?

How do you colonize in ogame?

To colonize a new planet, you must send a colony ship on the colonization mission type. The ship will only colonize the planet if you have a sufficient level of astrophysics technology to allow another planet above what you already have.

How do you use jumpgate in ogame?

How To Use

  1. Select the Moon you are moving ships FROM<
  2. Select FACILITIES from the left side menu.
  3. Select the JUMP GATE option from the lower right cornor of the FACILITIES – [name of moon] picture.
  4. You will have a pop-up window with options to select ships.

How many planets can you have in ogame?

With the redesign, there is no hard limit of how many planets you can have. The only obstacle is the astro cost and time it takes to research it. 1. Make sure you’re sending your colony ship to the unpopulated planet slot.

How do you Colonise in OGame?

Where can I find the Ogame wiki?

OGame is a space-themed real time strategy online browser game, created by, with over two million gaming accounts worldwide. The English version of OGame can be found at The OGame Wiki is here to serve as a user-editable encyclopedia of OGame information.

What is the best strategy for OGame?

Strategy for OGame Beginner Tips for Picking a Universe • Quick Star Economy Expeditions • Gaining resources • Miner Defense/Safety Canceling • Defense Build Strategies • E Attacking Blind phalanx (advanced) • Bouncing Effe

How many fleet points do I get per ship?

Fleet number: For each ship built, 1 fleet point is given. Regardless of the ship, only 1 point is given per ship. For example, Espionage Probes and Death Stars both give 1 point.

What is Astrophysics in OGame?

Since 2009, Ogame has included the new technology: astrophysics. This technology allow you to have more colonies, send more expeditions at time and colonise all planet slots. How to send expedition?