How many levels are there in 100 doors games 2020?

How many levels are there in 100 doors games 2020?

The next five levels’ walkthrough of 100 Doors Games 2020 are available; let’s get started. Welcome back to the chemistry lab, where you face off a challenging puzzle to complete, unlike others. It would be best if you were stuck over here and needed to use the hint feature to highlight the objects you have to collect.

What do you do at Level 78?

Level 78 brings you to the school lawn where you discover a bicycle, a bench, and other items. Like the previous levels, your goal is to unlock the door; otherwise, keep the girl inside the school for an infinite time.

What is the first level of the game?

The first level is a tutorial making you understand how to unlock the doors. At the early stage, you can easily open a door by merely hitting the button placed next to the door. It seems the first level takes place in the classroom where you are trapped and need to escape. Following the floating hand, and tap the red-colored button to escape.

How many levels are there in the hidden objects game?

Up to 100 challenging levels of hidden object awaits you, and each one requires the finding of hidden objects and completion of the puzzles to unlock further. This time, the game takes place in a fascinating school of 100 rooms, where your goal is to find objects by merely tapping on the screen and use them to unlock the doors.

How many doors do you unlock in the first level?

The first level starts with an introduction and tutorial on how to find objects to locate the key. Moreover, the game challenges you to unlock 100 doors playing the game and involves you finding objects, solving tricky puzzles, and escaping room with a brand-new Mobile Game that takes place in a school-themed environment.

How do you open the door at Level 58?

Select the mace, break the box into several pieces, and pick up the key to add to your inventory Choose the key from your inventory and open the door It seems level 58 is set in a workshop where you discover a table with all the required tools, different pipelines, and a door that is locked, and many other things.