How many Gordon rule writing GRW courses do students need to complete?

How many Gordon rule writing GRW courses do students need to complete?

GORDON RULE with WRITING (GRW) REQUIREMENT Students are required to demonstrate college-level writing skills through six semester hours of Gordon Rule Writing-designated courses (GRW). To fulfill this requirement, students can select any two GRW-designated courses in the University Core Curriculum.

What is GEP UCF?

The purposes of the UCF General Education Program (GEP) are to introduce students to a broad range of human knowledge and intellectual pursuits, to equip them with the analytic and expressive skills required to engage in those pursuits, to develop their ability to think critically, and to prepare them for life-long …

What is Gordon Rule requirement?

State Board of Education Rule 6A-10.030, the Gordon Rule, requires that students complete with grades of C or better 12 credits in designated courses in which the student is required to demonstrate college-level writing skills through multiple assignments and six credits of mathematics course work at the level of …

What is the minimum overall cumulative GPA with which a student may still graduate from NC State?

NC State requires that, in addition to other university, college, and departmental requirements, all students must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.000, based on all courses attempted at NC State, in order to be eligible to receive a baccalaureate degree.

What does GEP stand for in college?

General Education Program

Can I double major at UCF?

For a double major a student may earn one degree, a BA or BS, with two majors, by completing the requirements for both majors. A student may earn two diplomas, either both BA or both BS, within the same college if allowed by the particular college and a minimum of 150 (or more) credit hours are earned.

What is a passing grade NCSU?

Many courses (either required for degree or for Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading) require a minimum of a C- (or a “C-Wall”) in order to be considered a passing grade as opposed to a D- or above. Courses requiring a C- will be designated as such in the course description.

What is a GEP?

GENERAL EDUCATION PROGRAM (GEP) Page 1. GENERAL EDUCATION PROGRAM (GEP) Each NC State student must complete the General Education Program (GEP) requirements. These courses are designed to offer graduates the opportunity to experience diverse and integrative disciplinary perspectives.

What is a GEP course?

(Some majors require a specific course or a higher level course in some areas.