How many foot Lamberts do I need for HDR?

How many foot Lamberts do I need for HDR?

40-50 foot lamberts is necessary to view 4K/UHD/HDR content with a projector. Extra brightness also improves viewing content in higher ambient light.

What are fL units?

The femtolitre (US femtoliter) is the metric unit of volume equal to 10−15 litres, or one thousand trillionth (European) or one quadrillionth (American) litre. It is abbreviated fL or fl.

How does HDR projector work?

With 4k now standard for new projectors and TVs, HDR is the new visual technology that manufacturers are pushing. Essentially HDR lets your video display show a more vivid lifelike image. If you want the best looking movies and TV you need to get a UHD projector that can handle HDR.

What are foot-lamberts (FTL)?

Foot-lamberts (ftL) are the unit of measure used by the motion picture industry to specify how much light should be reflected off the movie screen in a 1-foot x 1-foot area. The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) recommends 16 foot-lamberts in a dark movie theater.

What is the unit of footlamberts?

A foot-lambert or footlambert (fL, sometimes fl) is a unit of measurement of luminance in U.S. customary units. A footlambert equals 1 / π candela per square foot, or 3.4262591 candelas per square meter (nits). The luminance of a perfect lambertian diffuse reflecting surface in footlamberts is equal to the incident illuminance in foot-candles.

What is the value of a foot-lambert?

A foot-lambert equals 1/π or 0.3183 candela per square foot, or 3.426 candela per square meter (the corresponding SI unit ). The foot-lambert is named after Johann Heinrich Lambert (1728–1777), a Swiss-German mathematician, physicist and astronomer.

What is a foot lambert in projector?

A foot lambert is a measurement of visible light that equals 1 circular candela per square foot, or 3.426 candela per square meter. The symbol for Foot Lamberts is Lv (aka. ftL). Foot Lamberts are the measured brightness of a projector’s output spread over the surface of your projection screen.