How many DaVita centers are there?

How many DaVita centers are there?

provides kidney dialysis services through a network of 2,816 outpatient dialysis centers in the United States, serving 204,200 patients, and 321 outpatient dialysis centers in 10 other countries serving 3,200 patients.

What is the average cost of a dialysis treatment?

The average costs per patient year were $88,585 for hospital hemodialysis, $55,593 for self-care hemodialysis, $44,790 for CAPD, and $32,570 for home hemodialysis.

What services does DaVita offer?

Treatment & Services

  • Overview.
  • Dialysis Treatments.
  • Home Dialysis. Overview. Home Hemodialysis. Peritoneal Dialysis. DaVita Care Connect.
  • Transplant. Overview. Interested in Transplant. Care Partner. Donor.
  • Insurance & Financial Management.
  • More. Prescription Management. Travel Support. Emergency Services. Five-Star Quality Rating.

Who is the president of DaVita dialysis?

President and Chief Executive Officer, DaVita International Robert Lang became our President and Chief Executive Officer of International in April 2017. Prior to joining DaVita, Mr.

How long is a dialysis session?

Often, you’ll visit a special center for dialysis about three times a week. Each session lasts three to four hours. Or, you may be able to do dialysis right at home three times a week or even daily. Home sessions are shorter, about 2 to 3 hours, and they’re easier for your body to tolerate.

How long can a person live with Stage 5 kidney failure without dialysis?

People with kidney failure may survive days to weeks without dialysis, depending on the amount of kidney function they have, how severe their symptoms are, and their overall medical condition.

What type of dialysis does DaVita do?

In-center hemodialysis requires you to visit a dialysis center three times per week. It uses a machine to filter your blood and clear toxins from your kidneys. In-center hemodialysis offers several potential benefits, which include: The chance to socialize with other patients and staff.

Can you ever stop dialysis once you start?

Can I really stop dialysis treatment if I want to? Yes, dialysis patients are allowed to make decisions about stopping dialysis treatment. You are encouraged to discuss your reasons for wanting to stop treatment with your doctor, other members of your health care team and your loved ones before making a final decision.

Where can I find dialysis lab reports in DaVita?

Access DaVita dialysis lab reports, health records and more in the DaVita® Health Portal. Are you kidney smart? Take a no-cost kidney education class to learn more about the basics of chronic kidney disease. Find more than 1,000 kidney diet recipes that are low in phosphorus, potassium and sodium.

How do I contact DaVita?

Email: [email protected] or give us a ring: 1-866-400-2266 DaVita is an equal opportunity employer including veteran/disability. To learn more about what this means click here.

Can I dialyze at home with DaVita?

DaVita® home dialysis patients can use the DaVita Care Connect® mobile app to stay connected to their care team and other dialysis resources—from home or on the go. Pets: You do not have to give up your beloved companions but they should not be present in the room where you dialyze while you connect or disconnect to the machine.

Why work at DaVita?

“ DaVita operates like a village, not like a large organization. I feel that my voice is not only heard on a local level with my direct team, but throughout the organization.” Casey S. “At DaVita, we care for each other with the same intensity with which we care for our patients.