How long is the Thorndon pool?

How long is the Thorndon pool?

30m long
As the Thorndon pool is 30m long by approximately 12m wide, sectioning off say 5m of the shallow pool end would still allow for standard 25m training lanes and if the full 30m length needed to be utilised the bulkhead would simply move to the end of the pool.

Are pools open at level 2?

They are open to any of our members or the public who would like to use the pools ONLY for lane swimming, water walking, and Aqua classes. Public swimmers will need to call or email their centre to make a booking and pay at reception via EFTPOS.

Is the maffra pool open?

Outdoor pool operating hours The 2020-21 outdoor pool season officially commenced on Saturday 21 November 2020 and includes peak and off peak seasons. Lap swimming is available at Maffra, Sale and Yarram outdoor pools between 6am – 8am Monday to Friday (Public holidays excluded) and are NOT temperature dependent.

Are Level 3 pools open?

All pools and leisure centres remain closed under Alert Level 3. For up-to-date information on council services, visit

Can you swim in Level 3?

swimming — in safe local spots. Do not take risks that might mean rescue services have to break their bubble to help you. horse riding — if you’re an experienced rider and it’s low risk. Stay as close to home as you can.

Is the heyfield pool open today?

Guaranteed opening times: 3.00pm – 5.00pm each day (Unless storms/lightning in the vicinity). For full range of opening times see website. Normal opening hours may be extended at the discretion of the Pool Operator if the temperature is above 290C at 5.00pm and there is reasonable patron demand.

What is Aqua Energy?

Aqua Energy are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high and. ultra-high pressure water jetting equipment and robotic cleaning systems. Our high pressure pumps range from 50 horsepower up to 500 horsepower with pressures from 100 bar up to 3500 bar.

Can I swim at the beach in Level 3?

Are Level 3 playgrounds open?

Scenarios at Level 3 Public and school playgrounds are closed. You are able to drive within your region to play in a public space for example a beach or a park – however physical distancing (2 metres) should be maintained.

Is swimming allowed at Level 4?

All other water-based activities are prohibited (including swimming, surfing, scuba-diving, water-based activities involving boating, sailing boats, motorised craft). These activities expose participants to danger or may require search and rescue services.

Is Long Bay safe to swim in?

Long Bay. The sandy 1km-long beach is ideal for swimming and relatively safe. Lifeguards patrol the beach during the peak summer months. The bays further north are also great for swimming.

What is Aqua Energie in IFB?

From Aqua Energie, a filter treatment for hard water to Cradle Wash, a feature to wash those designer clothes with the same care as that of a hand wash, IFB’s Front Load Washing Machines take care of all your laundry needs. Moreover, IFB is the only brand to give 4 years 100% Super Warranty and 10 years parts support.

When will Thorndon pool open for summer season?

Thorndon Pool will open again for the summer season on Labour Weekend in October. While the pool is closed, paid parking will be implemented in the carpark. When the summer season starts up again, the parking will go back to being free for swimmers to use.

Where’s the best fish and chips in Thorndon?

TOP TIP: Thorndon Chippery is in the next block down and does great fish and chips. Pre order your food before you swim and collect when you have finished to either take home, take back to the pool or enjoy in Parliament Gardens just nearby (accessible from Hill Street and Molesworth Street).

How big is the pool at sea life London Aquarium?

Open during summer, this facility has a 30.5-metre heated outdoor pool, built in the 1920s. Pool space is limited due to pool closures and as we adjust to the Delta Level 2 restrictions.