How long is OTS School Air Force?

How long is OTS School Air Force?

9 to 17 weeks
After completing a four-year degree, graduates may enroll in OCS. This is also known as Officer Training School (OTS) in the Air Force. OCS/OTS varies in length between Services, but generally lasts 9 to 17 weeks.

Is it hard to get into Air Force OTS?

The current acceptance rate for Air Force Officer Training School is 65%. Though the acceptance rate is not extremely low it does reject plenty of candidates. The Air Force expects high performance in college with a 3.2 GPA or higher for a better likelihood of getting accepted.

What rank are you after Air Force OTS?

second lieutenants
Upon graduation, OTS graduates may receive either Regular or Reserve commissions as second lieutenants in the Regular United States Air Force, the Air Force Reserve, or the Air National Guard, as appropriate to their original source of entry and contract.

What is the GPA requirement for Air Force officer?

Meet minimum Air Force Officer Qualification Test (AFOQT) scores and grade point Average (GPA). The AFOQT minimum of 10 or higher on the Quantitative score and 15 or higher on the Verbal score is mandatory for all applicants. Minimum GPA for rated and non-rated applicants is 2.50.

Do you get paid for OTS?

The day you start OTS you will be a Staff Sergeant, which is pay grade E-5. The day you commission you will be separated as a Staff Sergeant and commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, O-1. The 2017 base pay for an O-1, 2 or less TIS is: $3,034.80 per month (taxable).

What happens if you fail OTS?

If the trainee entered OTS as an active-duty applicant and is not being eliminated for failure to meet military standards, the trainee is reassigned to another military unit for service. If, however, the trainee is being eliminated for failing to meet military standards, she will be considered for discharge.

Do you get paid while in Air Force OTS?

Do they yell at you at OTS?

But as long as you put in the effort and prove that you want to be here, they will work with you as much as they can. Just be prepared to get yelled at those first 4 weeks daily.

Do you get your phone at OTS?

No phones, no access to cars (without approval), and tight meals. Phase one: OTS complex privileges.

What disqualifies you from joining the Air Force?

The military doesn’t accept just anyone who wants to join. There are age, citizenship, physical, education, height/weight, criminal record, medical, and drug history standards that can exclude you from joining the military.

How do I get into OTS?

How Do I Qualify for OTS?

  1. Be a citizen of the United States.
  2. Take the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test.
  3. Pass the Air Force physical fitness test.
  4. Score well on the SAT or ACT.
  5. Have at least 90 college credits (if currently enlisted)
  6. Be at least 18 years old and less than 35.

How to become officer in Air Force?

Attend Officer Training School after earning college or postgraduate degree. Upon earning a college or postgraduate degree,you can take the steps to

  • Attend the U.S. Air Force Academy.
  • Join AFROTC in college.
  • Enlist and work toward becoming an officer.
  • What is the age limit for Air Force OTS?

    The Air Force raised the maximum age for enlisted accession from 27 to 39, meaning it may now be the best choice for those who feel the call to military service later in life. The maximum age for Army enlisted recruits is 35, while the Navy and Marines cap recruit ages at 34 and 28, respectively.

    What are the Air Force officer requirements?

    Commissioned officers in the United States Air Force are the leaders of that branch of the military. One of the fundamental requirements for an Air Force officer is that he must hold at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

    How long is OTS for Air Force?

    This is also known as Officer Training School (OTS) in the Air Force. OCS/OTS varies in length between Services but generally lasts 9 to 17 weeks. Courses focus on military subjects, physical training and leadership skills.