How long is Derwent Edge walk?

How long is Derwent Edge walk?

2.5 miles
Derwent Edge (2.5 miles)

How long is the walk around Ladybower?

5.5 miles
Best Ladybower Reservoir Walk (5.5 miles) Circular Route.

Can you walk around Derwent Reservoir?

Discover the wildlife and history of Derwent Reservoir along the multi user trail (3.5 miles from Pow Hill Country Park to Millshield picnic site) while taking in the breathtaking views of the reservoir. The walk is easy, comfortable walking and is suitable for cyclists, walkers, wheelchairs and pushchairs.

Is there a walk around Derwent Reservoir?

Derwent Reservoir Circular is a 10.6 mile loop trail located near Hope, Derbyshire, England that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, running, and mountain biking.

Can you walk across Derwent dam?

Wonderful for taking in many Peak District habitats, this walk will lead you alongside the Ladybower Reservoir. Here you’ll be treated to panoramic views of the Derwent Valley and across much of the Dark Peak area. You’ll spot local wildlife and enjoy beautiful vistas as you walk.

Can you walk around Upper Derwent Reservoir?

There are numerous walks you can do in the Upper Derwent Valley. You can have a nice leisurely flat walk around the Ladybower Reservoir or a scramble to the top at Bamford Edge, Winston Lee or Alport Castles. Once you have reached the top, you can enjoy the spectacular views over the Valley.

Where does the Derwent walk start?

This lovely railway path runs from Swalwell, near Gateshead, to Consett alongside the River Derwent and is suitable for walkers and cyclists. You will pass the villages of Rowlands Gill, Hamsterley and Ebchester on the way.

Can you drive around Derwent Reservoir?

This is a lovely place for an adventure. A beautiful walk, or drive if you would like. You can drive all the way around it.

What is the difference between the Derwent and Ladybower Reservoirs?

The Derwent Reservoir is the main water supply that nourished North East England. The Derwent Reservoir takes approximately 3- 4 hours to complete where the Ladybower Reservoir takes approximately 2.5 hours. The Derwent Edge is located in the Peak District National Park in the English county of Derbyshire.

What is there to do at Ladybower Reservoir?

The best activity at Ladybower is a long walk (or cycle) along or around parts of the reservoir. With its stunning backdrop and calm waters, it’s not a walk to be missed. Bike hire is available near to the reservoir. Walks to the nearby Win Hill, Bamford Edge and Back Tor also complement a stroll along Ladybower Reservoir.

Where can I Walk the Derwent peak?

This fine route along Derwent Edge overlooking Ladybower and Derwent Reservoir has everything you could desire of a walk in the Peak – excellent views and fine situations. It starts and finishes at Fairholmes, the visitor centre for the Derwent Dams which Severn Trent Water and the Peak National Park jointly operate.

How do I shorten the walk to Upper Derwent Reservoir?

An option to shorten this walk is by cutting short the beginning section of the walk to Back Tor, to make it an 8-mile route. Instead of walking to the end of Upper Derwent Reservoir, you can take the footpath that leads up to Lost Lad Cairn and Back Tor, this takes about 2 miles/ 3.5 km off the walk.

Can you walk around Ladybower and Derwent Reservoir?

Derwent Edge Walk From Ladybower Reservoir (Fairholmes) | 10-Mile Route. Derwent Edge walk is a lovely route to do from Ladybower Reservoir. The Derwent Edge walk takes you past plenty of unusual rock formations whilst overlooking Ladybower Reservoir before descending back down to complete your 10-mile loop.

Can you walk across Derwent Dam?

Is Derwent Edge in South Yorkshire?

Derwent Edge is a Millstone Grit escarpment that lies above the Upper Derwent Valley in the Peak District National Park in the English county of Derbyshire. North of Back Tor the edge extends into Howden Edge and enters the county of South Yorkshire.

Can you walk all the way around Derwent Reservoir?

How high is back Tor?

List of hills in the Peak District

Peak Absolute height (m) Relative height (m)
Back Tor 538 67
Alport Moor 535 24
White Low 530 23
Britland Edge Hill 523 c. 20

Can you walk right around Derwent Reservoir?

How far is it to walk around Derwent Reservoir?

Can you walk around Strines reservoir?

This walk visit Strines Reservoir in Bradfield Dale near the city of Sheffield. There’s some roadside parking just to the west of the reservoir. You can pick up footpaths heading between Strines and the adjacent Dale Dike Reservoir before climbing towards Sugworth Hall.