How long does it take for hydroquinone 4% to lighten skin?

How long does it take for hydroquinone 4% to lighten skin?

Lightening of the skin should be noticed within 4 weeks of initiation, if no change is seen in 3 months, contact your dermatologist for further recommendations. Side Effects: Normally hydroquinone is very well tolerated, however side effects may be seen.

Can hydroquinone make skin darker?

Topical prescription medication can treat some cases of hyperpigmentation. This medication usually contains hydroquinone, which lightens the skin. However, prolonged use of topical hydroquinone (without any breaks in use) can cause darkening of the skin, known as ochronosis.

Is it safe to buy hydroquinone 4 cream online?

Buy safely only original hydroquinone 4 creams online on OKDERMO Skin Store and always be assured of the quality and authenticity of the products you’d get. All these creams contain 4 percent Hydroquinone is a skin lightening medication.

What is Hydroquinone cream used for?

This skin lightening/whitening agent used successfully for hyperpigmented skin conditions, dark spots, and a freckle removal solution. An active ingredient high potency pure hydroquinone 4.0 is the most effective treatment cream for melasma, skin pigmentations, and other dark discolorations.

Can you use hydroquinone cream while pregnant?

Do not use Hydroquinone cream if allergic to any of its ingredients and hydroquinone, or pregnant/breastfeeding. Do not use HQ 4% cream when using hydrogen peroxide, benzoyl peroxide, or other peroxide products as combinations of these chemicals may cause temporary pigmentation of the skin. American Academy of Dermatology Association.

How does online melalite Forte hydroquinone 4% cream works?

Melalite Forte Hydroquinone 4% Cream 30g Online Melalite cream, manufactured by Abbott India Ltd. acts as a skin bleaching agent that works by inhibiting an enzyme reaction in skin cells. Hydroquinone in the cream decreases the formation of melanin in the skin. It is a pigment in the skin that gives a brown colour to the skin.