How long does an implanted lens last?

How long does an implanted lens last?

IOLs have been around since the late 1940s and were the first devices to be implanted in the body. Unlike natural lenses, IOLs do not break down over a person’s lifetime and do not need to be replaced.

What is a lens implant?

An intraocular lens implant is an artificial replacement for the lens of your eye. It’s part of the surgery to fix cataracts.

How does lens implant work?

Intraocular lenses work much in the same way as a natural lens would. As light rays enter the eye the IOL bends (or refracts) the light rays to help you see with accuracy. A lens implant may have various focusing powers, just like prescription contact lenses or eyeglasses.

Are lens implants safe?

Implantable contact lens (ICL) surgery is an effective, safe, and quick procedure that permanently corrects a patient’s vision. The procedure only takes around 15 minutes and involves placing a lens between a person’s iris and lens without damaging the corneal tissue.

Can you replace the lens in your eye?

Lens replacement surgery is one of the groundbreaking inventions in medical history that have been influential in correcting a multitude of visual issues. It’s a safe and common surgical procedure that provides life-changing benefits by transforming vision through intraocular lens (IOL) replacement.

What are the side effects of lens replacement surgery?

The common side effects following a lens replacement procedure include:

  • Vision fluctuations/disturbances. Most patients experience visual disturbances of some kind after lens replacement surgery—glares and halos, starbursts and blurred vision.
  • Eye irritation/Dryness.
  • Redness.

What are the side effects of lens implant?


  • You may lose vision.
  • You may develop debilitating visual symptoms.
  • You may need additional eye surgery to reposition, replace or remove the phakic lens implant.
  • You may be under treated or over treated.
  • You may develop increased intraocular pressure.
  • Your cornea may become cloudy.
  • You may develop a cataract.

Can lens implants be replaced?

In order for the patient to see the lens needs to be replaced. This lens implant is permanent and should not need to be replaced in the future. The implant lens can be removed if necessary however removal of the implant lens may be difficult. It is not usually done unless the patient is having significant difficulty.

What are the side effects of lens implant surgery?


  • Swelling inside the eye
  • Increase in eye pressure
  • Rejection of the implant lens (very rare)
  • Infection (very rare)
  • Are implantable lenses safer than laser surgery?

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    What type of lens implant is best to replace cataracts?

    Monofocal IOL: This is the most common.

  • Multifocal implant: Like glasses with bifocal or progressive lenses,this lens has areas that help you see things at different distances.
  • Accommodating IOL: This flexible option acts more like your natural lens and focuses at more than one distance.